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Review: Broken | Beautiful Monsters Volume III by Jex Lane

BROKENVampire. Incubus. Demigod. Weapon. 

Matthew has many names, but none as distressing as pet. A slave to incubus High King Malarath, Matthew is tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of losing those he loves. Tired of the torture. And, in his despair, his body begins to decay around him. 

The High King, angered that his pet is dying, brings in the one person who might be able to fix Matthew: High Lord General Tarrick. 

While all trust Matthew had in the general is gone, maybe there is hope in the situation. All Matthew needs to do is start acting like an incubus and put on a show. 

5 stars

Romance | MM Romance | Dark Fantasy | Paranormal 

Well shits and tits comrades I don’t know if I should be happy or sad right now. This series blew me away in the most catastrophically delicious of ways. And now that I finished BROKEN… fucking goryhell I need more. I know Goodreads tells me Blood Prince is coming in 2018 but hot fucking damn man do I want to know what to expect in the coming books or hell when I will have it in my greedy little hands. 

Flipping cliffhangers – I am a glutton for punishment obviously. However, fair warning, I am going to try and keep this is spoiler free as humanly possible but note, BROKEN is the third installment in the Beautiful Monsters series, so if you have not read the prior books, anything I say in this review could possibly be subjected to a spoiler. So there, fair warning comrades! 

Whew – lets move one…

Up to this point, Matthew has had a bumpy ride in his young vampire life. He has been enslaved, fallen in love with the most unlikely of men, had his heart then broken, later to team up with the most adorably misshaped family to put the pieces back together. Then, to have have everything come crashing down in one moment in the end of SIRE – simply earth shattering.

Dare I say – Mind blowing? Would it be inappropriate to say: Who’s your daddy? 

Intense flipping ride, am I right? And in all of this, Matthew still finds himself shattered, having his heart torn (quite frankly mine too) and he is now captured again by the ruthless King, Malarath. Devak’s past mate, the reason behind the war against vampire and succubus. 

So here we are comrades, we are in BROKEN and truly the title is every bit point on for what is about to unravel. Matthew is lost, he is dying; he is still mourning the loss of Devak, not fully coming to terms with his death, Matthew is enduring first hand the tortuous ruthlessness of the incubus King, Malarath. Honestly, Malarath is beyond disturbing. The dark undertones of his dynamic still brings chills down my spine. I do not share any desire to understand his character, he is a true villain amongst villains. The depth, the pure evil that seeps from his character is untouchable. I do not even want to discuss the length Malarath goes to break Matthew during BROKEN, he is absolutely horrifying, it is creeping. 

Matthew of course takes it. He allows the abuse to become his life, namely for multitude of reasons. Protecting Lily and Samantha, his daughters from being affected by his ‘abomination’ status, but even more so he feels he has nothing else to live for; it is heart breaking to watch him submerse himself into darkness. As a reader, your heart absolutely bleeds for Matthew. You don’t know whether to cry for him, sore for him or scream at the pages – yearning him to live for something! Watching him crumble is just devastating. 

And guess what? Terrick is back. Holy nuggets I needed this. Though I was on the fence, much like Matthew, Terrick still holds a piece of my speckled heart in his hand. I want him to care for Matthew, I need for him to care for Matthew. There were moments too when they were together when I just felt this tug… Terrick really showed a different side of himself too that I enjoyed immensely. There was just something beautiful about this duo, something I want to grow with the series, fingers crossed instead of crumbling in the ashes. Though there was a slight twist I sure as hell was not expecting towards the end that might shake up my thoughts on Terrick and Matthew, perhaps my hopes of a trio might come true? Maybe? Please…say yes – I am begging here, let this not be the end of this romance. 

Something else I really enjoyed this round that the world of the Incubus is more defined than it was before – we are getting more and more truth surrounding the start of the conflict between the vampires and incubus, and comrades I gotta admit, my spidey senses are tingling. I have some theories that is damn sure! 

Gosh I fucking love it so much damnit! 

So again I say – flipping cliffhangers. BROKEN has left me questioning everything, yet strangely satisfied with the possibilities of the future books might unfold. I know that this ending will bring on more heart pounding moments, I am sure this won’t be the last time Jex crashes me against a wall of emotional turmoil and honestly, I cannot wait.

Bottom line, if you still haven’t been picking up what I am putting down then might I suggest you get stepping! This is an absolutely phenomenal read. I devoured this series, inhaled it, I want to flipping roll around in it and call it Sir for Christ sake. Absolutely stunning. The world building and character dynamics were enthralling to say the least, the emotional tugs that BROKEN did to me this round was perfection. 

I honestly cannot way to see what is happening next for Matthew and this new band of renegades. After that cliffhanger, finally seeing the perspective of the Malarath, my heart is literally pounding. Jex Lane you take my breath away you creative little demon you – give me more! 

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