About Me

About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca or Becky – for those of you curious, the Suey reference comes from the fact that my middle name is Sue. It is a nickname that overtime has grown a soft spot in my heart and I use it constantly. Yes I know in some social media and/or languages it means piggy – but truth be told I think piglets are the cutest things so I have come to terms with the reference. But please call me as you please.

Welcome to my Blog Рthe wits and bits of what little sanity I have left considering my book-aholic tendencies. Really, they are out of hand. In short, I am 30 years old currently, married to the most handsome bearded caveman (in my opinion at least) & I am also a work-aholic as well. I am a Supply Chain Analyst for a company called NCR, which is basic fancy term for data entry. Aside from the boring things, I love to read, and constantly reading at any point I can get. I will read anything that is recommended to me or that I find interesting enough Рmajority of my purchases are cover buy novels. I cannot deny that truth. I try to read out of my comfort blanket of genre, honestly, I will give anything a try!

If you need to get into touch with me directly about a review, pelase feel free to reach out to me via email at sueylibrary@gmail.com. You can also reach me through my Twitter or Instagram.

Thank you for checking me out, and happy reading!

Special Credits:

My avatar that is used on my accounts, especially Instagram and Twitter were made custom by @CrystalLeeArts and was made for my distribution only. If you are interested, I highly encourage you to seek her out on Esty as well as her blog via WordPress (www.crystalleearts.wordpress.com). She is absolutely a dream to work with, could not have asked for a better outcome as I came to her stating I wanted to start a book blog and I wanted a chibi modeled after me, although I think the chibi-version is far better in comparison. Below are the images that you will see me use at any given point and know that I did not create these but paid for them to be made for me!