Review Policy

I love reading, I will read anything that I can get my hands on that strikes me in my happy place. I will be super excited to accept any books to read and review on my pages, just contact me to discuss! Please be aware that on average, I will read 3-5 books a week depending on my workload. So keep in mind if you are interested in me reading and featuring the review on my site, that I may have a couple of personal conflicts to prioritize to meet the needs of the request.

Genres I personally enjoy, but are not limited to this list:

  • Adult Horror
  • Contemporary Romance/Erotica
  • Fantasy
  • Dystonian/Utopian
  • Varies Young Adult
  • Zombie/Apocalytpic


rating systemThe general, I will base all of my ratings on a subjective opinion solely on the outlook of how I view the book. I will be using a 5 Star Rating System, even though at times 5 Star Rating system as it feels extremely arbitrary, but since I know many sites prefer this method, I will be using the same. I will still try to add little touches that make the rating stick out! In short however I promise – you will know my opinion on a book fairly quickly whether I like a book, love the book, or down right despise the novel – you will know. 

5 Stars: Major book boner in affect, this is a must have, must advertise at all costs. Regardless of possible flaws or small dislikes, the overall novel/series was a hit in my opinion and highly recommended.

4 Stars: The book was decently enjoyable possible lack lusters, but none the less the pros out weighed the cons in the overall opinion of the novel/series. Definite continue read, still recommend.

3 Stars: Gave it a shot, finished the book though found several cons than pros overall – most likely this was something I struggled to get invested in, or was a book that perhaps started slow, drag-like build up, but still kept trucking along.

2 Stars: Whether the writing style was not preferred, the world building or character dynamics lacked, premise faults – either way this would have been a book that was a struggle.

1 Stars: Possible burn for firewood type of book, may have DNF or finished it just for the sake of saying I stayed until the end, but you have been warned, I will complain until I am blue in the face.


Disclaimer: Please be aware that all book synopses and quotes are gathered from GOODREADS and if it is a quote, these are sited by the author and the book in which it is used.