Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Dare Me by Rebecca Shea


Five coworkers.
Four drinks.
Three glances.
Two fleeting smiles.
One dare.

A dare that will change my life.

That’s all it takes to send me plummeting into the arms of the mysterious Holt Hamilton. Behind his crystal blue eyes is a secret, one that screams danger but calls to me anyway.

My name is Saige Phillips.

I never walk away from a dare.
4 Stars

New Adult | Romance | Contemporary

Well cheese and crackers comrades, for this being my first Rebecca Shea book I gotta admit I am hooked. And honestly, sometimes you just need that quirky, cheesy office romance that has no reason behind it other than to give you swoon worthy moments between an assertive, sweet office assistant and an alpha male, domineering boss. I know I love those authority figure romances…

Dare Me had a certain level of intrigued that had me giddy like a teenager, following the love story between Saige and Holt that really just leaves you with tingles in your heart, tugging it softly.

Holt is an interesting blend. I was completely blind sided by his personality. Mostly because at the beginning the perspectives of the story was strictly through Saige until we finally meet the brain of Holt. He is cocky, brilliant and completely smitten with Saige – more importantly her legs. But this isn’t what surprised me about his character, he was a big softy. Sweet and caring man right from the start. Just by the first encounter he was ready to fall for Saige. Then of course we have Saige. I liked her character a lot. She was assertive, well working, strong heroine who knew her worth. I liked that even though she allowed succumb to the childish antics of “truth or dare” with her co-workers just meant that she knew how to break away from her serious lifestyle to enjoy the little things.

Though Saige had been struggling internally due to a past conflict, Saige was really quick to lean on Holt while still keeping her distance emotionally. She was rather guarded but this really added in the chemistry. Holt was definitely the all in, save me kind of hero for this story. He was ready to consume her, protect her and above all, ready to fall head over heels in love with Saige.

This really made their connection slightly insta-love, but really with everything that was escalated in the backbone of the plot made the romance decently believable. Topping off with some steam filled scenes that left me melting off the seat was perfection. The emotional tugs throughout the build of the romance was angsty, deliciously scrumptious and entertaining.

Overall, I definitely liked Dare Me. It was a wonderful introduction to this authors writing style and I personally cannot wait to add more to my ever growing romance binge reading list. It was a great, fast paced office based romance with some decent depth to the characters that made everything all the more thrilling. Cute, sweet, all kinds of sexy nice – it was definitely an amazing read for the evening!

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