Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Hating to Love You | Houston’s Finest Series by Erin Rylie

hating to love youRafe Pierce just wants to keep his head down and earn his next promotion. Becoming Houston’s “Hot Cop” is his worst nightmare, and things only get worse when the sexiest reporter he’s ever met starts digging through his past. Sophie Klein has the power to expose a childhood he’d rather keep hidden, so why can’t he stay away from her?

He’s everything Sophie Klein hates: brash, arrogant, and hot as hell. When a chance encounter with a bachelorette party makes Rafe a social-media sensation, Sophie is the lucky reporter chosen to tell his story. She can’t deny the chemistry between them, but is determined to keep her distance. Unfortunately for her, a drunken hookup in a bar supply closet ensures she will be spending at least the next nine months with him…

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy through Erin Rylie in exchange for an honest review***

Ah, the romance porn, I can never stay away, can I? And what do we have here? Yep, its a ‘Enemies to Lovers’ trope screaming my name. On top of my favorite trope calling out to me I am beyond ecstatic to read one of my close friends debut book, I mean it isn’t every day you can brag that your friend is officially a writer right? Especially in your favorite genre. 

So lets dive in shall we? Because these characters guys…. they are hilariously divine. Seriously I loved Rafe. I know, go figure right, you know I can never resist a toolbag complex yet it is all for show, so comrades give him a chance, this toolbag is a closet sweetheart. I mean it, he has such a sweet, charming personality, he was absolutely the sweetest man. Not only this, he was drop dead hot! Ladies can never resist a man in uniform, Rafe definitely has a fun personality, where is this man in real life, I need to upgrade to a newer model if men like Rafe exist. 

Sophie on the other hand probably was more easy to like yet had these annoying habits too, but I found them rather relatable. She was reserved, strong willed and definitely thick headed. I liked her a lot. I don’t know what it was about her quirks but she is definitely someone I would call my bestie, I just really enjoyed how she carried herself. In the mix of how ‘hard to get’ kind of exterior she has, she is still just as lovable and kind, again she is just an easy character to relate to and enjoy immensely. 

And oh my lanta Rafe and Sophie together – this is what makes this trope the absolute best! At the start, Rafe is a jerk to Sophie, and she isn’t a peach herself yet you can just sense the sexual tension between them. And when they did collide, well melt me some of that kitkat please and thank you. That club scene? Wow. Just the overall connection between them is absolutely undeniable, definitely great sexual chemistry. On top of this, once Rafe really starts pursuing Sophie as an acutal relationship there is still some push and pull, mostly on Sophie’s end, being a victim of a crappy love life previously she is definitely hesitant. This definitely plays hugely on the drama of Rafe being the ‘Hot Single Cop’, so makes total sense. Yet Rafe breaks those walls and honestly they just have such a great relationship dynamic. Not only is it drool worthy, it is sweetly adorable romance that just has me swooning for more.

And come on, the secondary characters? Seriously I loved them. They were like an extension of the entire novel, probably the majority of the character dynamics would have been more lack luster if not for the surroundings characters. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rafe and Sophie, I mean obviously I cannot stop gushing over their romance but lets face it, when you have secondary characters who stick out just as much as the main characters, they are worth everything. Charlos is definitely hilarious, I love how he acts with Rafe, I can never resist a good bromance. Then Kelsey and Becky, oh my lanta, these two gals mixed with Sophie is enough awesomeness wrapped in one! Becky is hilariously entertaining, Kelsey is downright charming and mixed with Sophie’s calm, collective personality, this trio is a chocolate cake treat waiting to be devoured. I cannot wait to get more of these in future books.

Overall, Erin Rylie is such a phenomenal writer, this being her debut novel I am very excited to see where she evolves from here. Though Hating to Love You had some pet peeves from my personal perspective as I am not the biggest fan when it comes to unexpected pregnancy tropes, but even with this, this ‘Enemies to Lovers’ was the absolute gem of gems – everything from the witty, charming banter down to the off the chart delicious chemistry was just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, it was light, easy read, entertaining and scrumptious! I cannot wait for Charlos and Kelsey… because whew that ending. 

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