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Review: The Truth Within | Pelican Bay Series by Sloane Kennedy

THETURTHWITHINI’m not a fighter. I never was. So how do I make the one man who might just be worth fighting for see that?
At twenty-five years old, Ford Cornell should have his whole life ahead of him but instead, the would-be artist is drowning in denial and just trying to get through each day. And the boy who once believed life was about following impossible dreams has finally come to accept that it’s really only about surviving a living nightmare… one of his own making.

But the bruises are becoming harder to hide.

So is the truth…

I refuse to fall for a guy who won’t accept the truth about who he is or what he wants. Not again…
They say bad things happen in threes.

For Sheriff Camden Wells, it’s more like fours… or fives… or dozens.

After an ugly lie destroys his career and the man he’d planned to spend the rest of his life with cuts him to the core with the ultimate betrayal, forty-year-old Cam is counting on his new job as sheriff of the quiet town of Pelican Bay to be the fresh start he needs. What he isn’t counting on is meeting a young man who makes him want to break all his own rules.

He wants me to accept something that will cause me to lose everything. I may not have much but it’s something and something is better than nothing… right?
Ford’s gotten used to his role as his older brother’s punching bag and being his mother’s never-ending disappointment. They may not be the Cleavers but family is family and Ford’s seen up close and personal what happens when you don’t have anyone in your corner… or when you go against family.

And there’s just no way he’s strong enough to survive that…

Nothing about us should make sense but maybe that’s why it does…
Two men… one living a lie and one knocking down the walls of the closet he was forced to live in for so long. When one white-hot encounter leads to another and then another, Ford and Cam are forced to accept that their need for each other isn’t going away anytime soon. But being together means one will need to go against everything he believes in.

So which man will bend and which will break? And what will the truth ultimately reveal?

4 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | MM Romance | Contemporary

Whew, and we are back! I mean, did you doubt my confession on devouring this series? Because I honestly inhaled them. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. I am in love with Sloane Kennedy’s writing style, she writes such an amazingly different avenue of complexities with her characters within each book, gives everything a new edge. 

I gotta say though, as much as I wanted to dislike things about these characters, I surprisingly liked a lot about them. Just everything about Cam and Ford screamed READ ME – LOVE ME. 

Cam was probably my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Ford, but there was something irky about him more often than not, which I will get more into but first, Cam. My sweet, deliciously amazing hero, Cam. He was in fact the hero, there is no other way to slice that pizza, he is the new sheriff in town and above all that makes him a hero regardless, but honestly he just radiates hero material. He has this amazingly passionate, justified, and just all around gentle personality, one that is blunt. He has his convictions and he sticks to them, I like this about him, especially when he deals with Ford, or any of the crazy Pelican Bay townsfolk. At times though he was rather aggressive in his admissions, especially when Ford is so conflicted with his sexuality, not saying that Cam should conform, but there was a lack of compassion that just rubbed me wrong with his personality.

Speaking of Ford, oh my, our poor Ford. Ford Cornell was something I was interested to see, after seeing his brother and family in high action for Locked in Silence, I was curious to see how things would turn out for a gay male in this closed minded family, oh boy was I in for something! Sloane really pulled out the stops for The Truth Within, and more importantly, was more ‘darker’ than it’s prior and for good reason. Ford Cornell is, and has always been gay, there is a lot of history here too that makes the reader just cringe with sadness, the tears I held for Ford were undeniable. The struggles and basic torture his family placed on him was absolutely earth shattering. Because of this, it takes a long while for the reader, not just Cam to actually get to see the real Ford, and by golly I loved his personality. He was super sweet, kind and yet had this possessive rugged side to him that was absolutely swoon worthy!

I think because of how their personalities were, plus the additive of both their pasts, especially Ford’s family life, it really tested their chemistry. There was definitely an obvious sexual attraction, Cam and Ford on more than one occasion cannot help but admit that all they want is to put their hands on one another. It was just heartbreaking nonetheless to watch Ford indulge in his attraction only to slap it back into Cam’s face. It wasn’t even just Ford’s brainwash of closed minded that clouded his sexual judgement but his rough manner, when he and Cam were actually physical, Ford worried that he hurt Cam. He was passionate and yet very forceful, it was a huge internal struggle which made it all that more delicious. I love romances like this, the internal battles, the sexual struggles, the ultimate growth of the romance is always amazing.

On the other side of things too, it was good to see the other crowd, Nolan and Dallas, Maddox and Isaac, even Newt. It was good getting them involved in the drama as well, plus our delicious Vet, man I need his book. They played such a pivotal role in the end game acceptance that I think was beautifully written. 

Overall, I said it before and I will say it again, I devoured this series. I loved it. I enjoyed each character for what each brought to their table, though Nolan and Dallas were on their own playing field – my definite favorite – I still really enjoyed Cam and Ford. They had such an angst, passionate romance that it was hard to not enjoy them. Here’s hoping I get more Pelican Bay, I want more!


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