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Review: Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl by Victoria Alexander

UNLIKELYEARLSet sail for love in this sparkling new adventure in #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander’s Lady Travelers Society series.

Harry Armstrong has spent years in Egypt, recovering relics and disregarding rules. Now he’s back in England with a new title and a new purpose: penning his exploits. But his efforts are overshadowed by London’s favorite writer about Egypt—a woman they call The Queen of the Desert, of all things. Worse, her stories—serialized in newspapers and reprinted in books—are complete rubbish.

Miss Sidney Honeywell didn’t set out to deceive anyone. It’s not her fault readers assumed her Tales of a Lady Adventurer in Egyptwere real! Admitting her inadvertent deception now would destroy her reputation and her livelihood. But when the Earl of Brenton challenges her to travel to Egypt to prove her expertise, accompanied by his dashing, arrogant nephew, what choice does she have but to pack her bags?

With the matchmaking founders of the Lady Travelers Society in tow, Harry is determined to expose Sidney’s secret. But the truth might not be as great a revelation as discovering that love can strike even the most stubborn of hearts.

4 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Historical Romance 

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with TLCBookTours in exchange for an honest Review***

Oh my lanta do I love me some historical romance? I know, I a mush for sappy, and I cannot help it! Sometimes you just need that swoon worthy, historical setting to get your goats going! Seriously, I love it. And honestly, I really liked Victoria Alexander’s writing style, it was light, entertainingly delicious, definitely one author to scope out in the future. 

The characters – oh my! Harry and Sidney were absolutely amazing. I loved their interactions the most. But honestly what made me realize that I would enjoy their romance was when they first met, Harry wasn’t expected Sidney to not be an old batty lady, and yet his first reaction towards her was priceless. They personalities really didn’t clash either, they have a deliciously flawlessly chemistry. Harry made me swoon each time he encountered Sidney, it was just something about their dialogue, their flirting and among other things, their arguments that was just amazing. 

And those damned old ladies. The unlikely trio were definitely one for the laughs, they really were an interesting bunch. I think between the banter of Harry and Sidney then down to the shenanigans of these secondary characters made me chuckle more throughout the novel than anything. 

And although, in all the midst of awesome that I enjoyed, because I really did enjoy a lot about the secondary characters and obviously the main characters, I still have a slight distaste that there were so much drag. I liked the overall build, the setting and the development of the placement where Harry and Sidney were going, but I cannot help but think the novel was drawn out to a level that perhaps could have been shortened a smidge. Even in the moments of fast paced adventure, there were points where I was rather bored. 

Overall, I enjoyed Lady Travelers Guide to Deception with an Unlikely Earl, though it really is a mouth full of a title, it was witty, clever, the dialogue was light, fun and yet there was enough angst romance feels to keep my heart pounding. I enjoyed the connection between Sidney and Harry, their banter truly made this novel worth everything. I really look forward to adding more of this author to my TBR, she is one to add to my ever growing historical fiction section! 

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