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Review: Turn to Stone by Ariana Rose

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Their first run in would not be their last. Each time their paths intersected their connection was undeniable. She was seeking a love that only lived in her fantasies. He was seeking understanding from someone who would allow him to be the human he knew he was inside but couldn’t show the world for fear of the cost.

With everything against them, would they be the one each other so desperately needed? Would people, time and circumstance keep them apart? Would he be able to break free of expectation and reclaim his life? Would she ever openly be able to finally love like she always dreamed of and……. Turn To Stone


4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | New Adult

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Bring on the angst romance feels comrades! I need a good passionate cry and I feel like this one will be a doosey! Seriously, who doesn’t like a good damsel romance with climatic drama to make my spidey senses tingle in all the right places? 

Alexandria (or Lex) is an interesting character. Slightly an enigma to me. Lex is one of these characters that has an intriguing backbone towards her storyline, she is fierce, passionate yet at many points seems slightly inferior. She is the true definition of ‘Damsel in Distress’. Normally this would irk me, but when this is mixed with Julian it just spirals deliciously. Her character really depends on the strength of his personality, and he is power. I think honestly this is why their connection works, Julian is broken, he is completely shattered yet here is Lex, someone damaged yet tugs him, they just rotate seemliness. 

And speaking of how they mix – that chemistry… oh my lanta. From the moment Lex and Julian collide it is intense, all consuming passion and I was melting off my seat. That rain scene – oh my goodness. For me personally I love these types of romances, even the damsel scenario, it just played to absolute perfection. 

The drama however was a smidge of a push-pull on my hate/love meter. I enjoyed the elaborate character dynamics, there was depth that really had a phenomenal additive to the growth of the characters themselves. However where things got a little overwhelming for me was as the secondary characters added more and more spin drama – it was just a whirlwind of information that domino into a cluster fuck… honestly good and slightly awkward, but not bad. I don’t want to say, because it would be a huge spoiler, but for me there were more exaggerated points in the drama I felt could have been toned down and where there were overshadowed scenes there could have been more development that felt lack luster. 

Overall though, hands down I gotta admit, Ariana Rose has me hooked. I enjoyed her debut novel immensely. Between the drama escalating at every corner, the heighten passion in the romance and the push and pull of every aspect of the character dynamics – I honestly cannot get enough. I cannot wait to see what is next…especially considering that ending – I NEED MORE!

Fantasy is the best kind of hope and the worst kind of evil. It can take you so high that you have to look down to see heaven. It can also take you so deep that the quicksand will swallow you whole. I’ve had both. I’ve had both at the same time. Is it the worst kind of sin? You want what you can’t have and may even be looking beyond the things you should be grateful for.
I’ve been in love twice in my life. The first?
I thought it was everything I needed and wanted. I felt safe and secure at first, but it quickly deteriorated. I was his arm candy; a prize he could show off, and nothing more. Hearing the words “I love you” from him always had a price. It usually meant my body. Whether it was my mind or sex; he always took from me. He never gave.
The second…
The second is trickier.
He was everything I could have ever wanted. Beautiful inside and out, brilliant and funny… did I mention sexy? He put a wall up, though. The typical person would never know his insecurities, but I saw them. I saw every flaw and imperfection, and it only made him… more.
I could never tell him that, though. It’s not because I couldn’t find the words or wasn’t brave enough. It was because of her. They were together. That’s the way it appeared to everyone anyway. The way she smiled at him and hung on his every word. She seemed to breathe for him, and I could never compete with that.
I wasn’t cultured, or from an extravagant family. I had a father who worshipped the ground I walked on, for better or for worse. I had many friends who would go to the mat and beyond. Some of whom held all my deepest and darkest secrets. I was even more scarred than he was, more flawed and more complex than anyone would ever be ready for. I could never destroy what he had, nor would I want to, but…
I can’t stop the thoughts.
So here I sit, on the bench right outside my tiny apartment off Piedmont Park. I’m a stone’s throw from where we first collided… Stone…
See? Even my subconscious knows.
My journal is getting an earful because it’s the only place I can be honest. I write the three words over and over again, the words that both terrify and excite me.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
One day, I hope he’ll know how much.

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About Ariana Rose

Ariana Rose is a working wife and mother of two from the Minneapolis area. Her need to tell a good story has always been there but in earnest the last 6 years. She was inspired to take the leap to write a story by the encouragement of those who had come before her and those taking the journey with her. Turn To Stone is her debut.

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