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Review: Good Girl by Jana Aston


I’ve always been a good girl. 
I work hard, I follow the rules, and I always achieve my goals.

But sometimes good girls want things that aren’t good for them. 
Or someone who isn’t good for them. 
Like their new boss.

And sometimes they do very bad things to get his attention. 
Like sell their virginity in an auction. 

Who knew he’d be so very, very mad?
Maybe this was not my best laid plan…

Romance | Contemporary Romance | New Adult

***I was provided an Advanced Readers Copy during a book tour in exchange for an honest review***

Have I mentioned my obsession for office authority romances? I mean seriously… the book boner is strong with this one my comrades… 

I will admit, I have never read anything from Jana Aston until now, quite frankly I have never heard of her until now. Which is in fact really depressing because after reading this I found out that this is just another author to add to my ever growing TBR Pile… seriously it is never ending. 

Mostly what I loved was the fact that I could pick up on how her writing style was just super fun, it was entertaining, hilarious, I was almost always chuckling the entire read. The characters were amazingly relatable, with witty, smart and charismatic dialogue. So right off the bat, I can tell you I enjoyed a lot of her writing style. Really setting a bar high on her other books to live up to as I continue reading through.

Rhys was probably the hottest thing ever. I just… ugh I can’t. I loved every inch of that man. Completely swoon worthy, melt off my seat to pick me back up and lick it over kind of hot. Rhys had this personality that is one of my favorites because honestly it is what I am attracted to in actual real men, not just fictional men. The dry humor, with a slight snide ass hole presence that was completely too serious for their own good – I love it. He was just an easy character to fall head over heels for, just adored every inch of his character. Plus his friendship with Cannon. I need more of them together!

Lydia on the other hand was a bit of both love/hate. Her personality was definitely a mixture of things that I personally could relate to – on one spectrum she was open mouthed, the word vomit that came out was just hilarious, and she was a bit of a nerd. Mixing this nerdy gal with a no filter attitude in a fresh adult is asking for trouble – she was a fun character and I loved this personality trait about her. 

Why did I have a hate for Lydia? Especially when I gush for her so much? Easy… it comes in part with the chemistry. Ugh I know – the chemistry is always the BEST part. This is strictly my preference, the novel was still great, but because of Lydia’s ‘no filter’ word vomit personality, there were some awkward moments that I just did not like about the book during their chemistry. Not all the time, but definitely enough of it for me to say… hmmm, this part I am not a fan of so much. I know that is slightly vague but if I flat out admit the parts it will definitely give away spoilers, so I won’t actually say when/where. But you will know when you get there if you hold the same opinion I did.

Again, it was just a personal preference for me. I love dirty talk. I love kink. What turns me off on books is random, awkward word vomit during certain scenes that makes the meshing not so flowing. For me, it just makes me less invested.

Before I continue to downward spiral, because really this was a great book, I loved it and I LOVED the chemistry. Lydia and Rhys together was hot. Their connection was tension filled from the moment they met and it was delicious. I would have liked a little more build in the middle bits, but the climax was amazing.

Definitely really enjoyed the novel for the most part, aside from my pet peeve, it was fast paced, entertaining read. The plot was definitely well written, it is one of my favorite tropes in the romance world that is for sure. Aston had a way of conveying this hilariously, sexy romance with sweet moments without making an over the top, exaggerated romance which is definitely refreshing. 

I will say I have heard a lot of great things about this author, I have not read any of her other works and from my understanding her WRONG Series is kickass, so you know what I will be splurging on shortly!

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