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Review: Affinity for Pain | Newborn City Series #1 by R.E. Johnson

Perfect for fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Keri Lake’s
Nightshade, Affinity for Pain is a dark paranormal romance that is steamy,
action-packed, and full of emotional intrigue.

Hope Turner is the ideal human-hunting assassin, and she is damn good at her job. A daughter of the Chakal, a race of hybrid demons lacking physical sensation and
emotion, Hope was always brutally efficient in her work. She never struggled with a case, that is, until she was assigned to take down Ciaran O-Connor – a stubborn,
strong-willed bodyguard with a dark past and severe PTSD

He also happens to be her soulmate.

When the omaeriku – an inescapable soulmate bond – takes hold of her, Hope is hit with a wave of emotion and physical sensation for the first time in her life. Finding herself unable to kill Ciaran and ending up on her former boss’s hit list, Hope and Ciaran must escape into hiding. Immediately, the chemistry between Hope and Ciaran is electric. However, they must try to direct their focus on finding a way to take down Marcus Dentry, their newfound common enemy, who was both Hope’s former boss and Ciaran’s former captor and torturer.

However, as they spend more time together and succumb to their physical desire for each other, the newfound emotion and pain brought forth by the soulmate bond begin to overwhelm Hope. Can Hope learn to handle her sudden emotions, both the good and the bad, before it drives her away from the only person who can make her feel? And can Hope and Ciaran track down Marcus and exact their revenge before he gets to them first?

Inspired by the works of authors like Robin McKinley and Neil Gaiman, Affinity for
Pain is a great next read for smut-lovers seeking a romance that includes action,
intimate vulnerability, and electric chemistry. Click “Add to Cart!” today!

4 Stars

Suspense | Erotica | Romance | Paranormal

***Received an free copy from author PR in exchange for an honest review***

Tickle me intrigued I was left surprised, glued to the pages and a bit in a drooling pickle. Most people know I enjoy PNR, but RomCom’s have my heart but how could I pass up a chance to read Affinity for Pain, that synopsis had me in a choke hold.

Yes please and thank you!

The main characters, Hope and Ciarian are the perfect examples of that morally grey attributes that really made them seem more relatable. Between the internal battles and flaws, to the moment their connection exploded on the pages I was hooked. Something that I really enjoyed was the fact that Hope wasn’t this badass assassin who when involved with Ciarian no longer carried that ‘strong’ female lead vibe. She was true from start to finish; I always dislike when a book states that the female heroine is this amazing character, saving the world but is written more like a damsel. Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind a damsel in distress plot, but if you market as a strong assassin female heroine then I want to see her be a badass and dang it, Johnson delivered. But the banter between Hope and Ciarian was very entertaining to say the least. They really complimented one another in the best ways.

The best part I felt was the fact that the romance flowed with the plot, it wasn’t one or the other overshadowed each other, it was well balanced. And yes, the sex and tension was delicious but the plot – really intriguing (See, I don’t just read romance for the sex…)! But the plot was great, the world building wasn’t too drowning. I say this because sometimes in the start of a series, any genre, there is always a level of world building that needs to be setup for the reader, I personally felt like I could envision what Johnson was portraying without drowning in overused details. It was easy to follow.

Bottom line, this was a really great read. I enjoyed a lot about Affinity for Pain and surprised that as a debut novel this exceeded in my expectations. This was steamy, dark, twisty read, for anyone who really enjoys PNR I think this would be a great up your alley read. The characters likable, the burn was decent with the plot flow, I am definitely looking forward to book two!

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