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Review: The Reunion by Meghan Quinn

Martin and Peggy Chance believe love should last a lifetime. With their fiftieth wedding anniversary on the horizon, they’ve modeled a beautiful relationship for their three grown children. But to their dismay, that lesson hasn’t quite caught on—the three siblings just can’t seem to take a chance and find love in their own lives.

There’s Ford, the eldest, devoted to his work and resistant to romance…or so he claims. Cooper, the middle child, can’t get past his divorce—until he reconnects with a feisty baker from his past. And Palmer, the baby of the family, is the free-spirited world traveler who always pictured herself with someone other than a handsome small-town family doctor.

When the Chance siblings come together to plan the ultimate anniversary party for their parents, they’ll have to navigate romantic entanglements, sibling rivalries, and the definitive end of their childhood. Whatever happens, The Reunion promises to be a fun, flirty, wild ride

3 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

As all humans know, my obsession for Meghan Quinn is beyond out of control and yet, I am okay with that. I will admit though I have been slightly behind on my Quinn reads and I jumped right back in with The Reunion. So let’s dive in right?

The synopsis for this one is what really caught my attention. I loved the multiple POV’s plus a multi-verse of romances. All my favorite tropes in one yummy bundle – Boss/Employee Office, Sibling Bestie Crushes, Second Chance (pun intended) romance, and even though I am not one for the Best Friend to Lovers, this blended together everything. So why the rating? Not my normal Quinn rating I would spam all over the world… I liked a lot about The Reunion, but I also disliked a good bit too.

The characters, well at the jump I loved Ford and Palmer, these two Chance siblings set a tone for the plot. Ford was an ambitious man, his secretary and best friend Larkin are just flirting with what was to come while poor Palmer Chance was trying to find her way in the world, definitely the broody dynamic of the bunch. I will admit though, when I met Cooper Chance however, I had a feeling I was not going to like his character, and I was right. Cooper in my opinion was really stuck up, the way he approached every situation too felt forced, unable to connect with him or his backstory. To be fair, I did like his love interest, Nora but not enough to make me really connect with Cooper. Aside with how his character was in general, he was very surface-level character. I really wanted to know more about his divorce, and yes we do get some but I felt his person was less than desirable.

Palmer Chance was the character I really liked at the start (aside from Ford but we will get to him in a smidge). I liked her personality, I liked her drive. She was a character worth enjoying. When she gets home and finds out that her safety net was being ripped from her, she did any normal thing of getting drunk and being a werido – all things I could relate towards. I liked the connection with her and Dr. Beau, oh me oh my did I like their romance the most. He was a savior towards her on multiple avenues. Where things became slightly annoying was how her attitude become incredibly overrated to the point that she was in fact a drama seeking woman. The quirks that I enjoyed about her had a bit of a dark side, and I loved when Larkin called her out on it. And speaking of Larkin, also older sister to Dr. Beau and secretary to Ford Chance, their romance was probably the most easy flowing. They already had an established bond, understanding with one another, being best friends not just co-workers, but just a great build up. The living room tent scene = perfect.

I think where things did get to a point of like vs dislike for me was as things start building up for the relationships, the family drama becomes more interesting yet annoying. I think honestly it was Cooper. I literally did not like his character at all, how he talked down to Palmer, how he felt the need to try to overshadow Ford, though I do understand why his character was built this was, but ugh it just irked me.

Overall, I enjoyed The Reunion. I did. Though I do think this might be my first 3-Star Rating for Quinn, but does not mean I hated it, on the contrary I liked it but I just had issues with several things that ultimately hit me differently. I wanted more and yet some things less. I felt there was a bit of a surface level character dynamics and personalities. Again, I still really enjoyed this, but it is not my favorite.

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