Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Review: Awakening Shadows – The Navarre Chronicles by Sydney Hawthorn

A Princess. A Warrior. A Slave. A kingdom falling to ruin. And a Queen meant to save them all.

Navarre has been at peace for three hundred years, the prophecies of the promised princess no more than a whispered memory of the past. Sheltered from the world around her, naïve Princess Joseline is no stranger to the responsibility and isolation of being heir. But when an attack on her eighteenth birthday reveals the looming return of the legendary demon king, shattering every protective boundary around her, Joseline is thrown full force into the long-forgotten prophecy and the role she plays in his demise.

Saved from Aeron’s clutches by a secret organization of warriors trained to protect her, Joseline is forced to choose between her curiosity to understand their motives and her duty to her people’s safety. Swept into the impending war threatening her country, Joseline must learn at all costs not only to fight, but to control the ancient magical power awakening within her.

Her life and the lives of her people depend on it.

4 Stars

Fantasy | Young Adult | Romance

***Received a copy through BOMM Book Tours in exchange for an honest review***

Whoa. What is this? Me reading a Young Adult Fiction, not only that, it is a fantasy?! Who is this Suey and what is she doing outside of her Horror/RomCom comfort-zone?

In all seriousness, I was hesitant to read any fantasy, it is generally a hit or miss for me, but something about this synopsis screamed “READ ME” so here we are, and I have zero regrets for it. I devoured this!

Firstly I really enjoyed the build up of the story and the overall world. It was nicely presented, detailed enough to where it was not an overwhelming or unflattering information dump ground. It was intriguing to say the least. The darker themed scenes and fight scenes, very well paced. I love a good world building. And best part, the characters did not over shadow that, nor did the world building over shadow their growth. Everything intertwined.

And speaking of the characters; definitely not short of multi-dimensional key characters. I admit it now, Evalyn is my favorite. Sorry, not sorry, I said it. Boom. Having multiple characters POV was fun, but it was obvious from the start who I would be more interested in, and obviously with a romance you know where I am heading. Best part, the romance itself too was a slow burn, did not overthrow the character themselves either, which is generally a pet peeve of mine in young adult.

Overall, I really enjoyed Awakening Shadows. Between the world building, the character dynamics, my obsession over Dex and Eva is beyond gripping. I really enjoyed this one a lot more than what I thought I would, you know me, fantasy is not my go to, especially in the YA world. But this, wow. Hawthorn may have gained themselves a new reader stalker – I kid…. sort of.

Great start, I really cannot wait to continue the series! See you in book two, Whispering Shadows.

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