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Review: Hard Truth | Hard to Love Series by Emily Goodwin

Hard TruthThe first time I met Alexander Harding, I yelled at him for taking my parking spot. Rich and powerful, I saw him as nothing more than my new coldhearted boss. I hated him once but now…now things aren’t that simple. There’s a man beneath the beast, and the more I get to know him, the more I fall in love with him.

Though just as I’m able to envision a future together, the past comes back to haunt us both.

Six years ago, my life changed forever when I found out I was pregnant. The last thing I expected was to see Michael Cooper again, but now he’s here and is ready to make up for lost time. He wants to be involved in his daughters’ life. My life. And it’s making me question everything.

I never thought it was possible to be in love with two men at the same time. One from my past, and one I want in my future. My heart is completely torn in two, with each half going in a different direction. I’d give them each half if I could.

But then I would be left with nothing.

4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy through Author ARC Group in exchange for honest review***

Whew – and we are back my furry friends, it is time, Hard Truth is finally here and boy oh boy, was my heart in a tizzy as I dived into this gem. Anyone who knows my reading obsession know that Office Romances and Emily Goodwin is my top auto buying everything. I am downright smitten with this duet and waiting for book two was torture, TORTURE I TELL YOU.

Jumping right in where Hard Place left off, which if you haven’t read – stop, some spoilers incoming to some degree – Hard Truth is back and forth from the moment that Alex and Harper finally acted on their deliciously amazing sexual chemistry and whoop, baby daddy Michael shows up on the doorstep with the ‘Pink Letter’. So where does this leave our bundle of nerves? A hot mess of excitement that’s where. 

Harper has definitely become one of my favorite female leads, I fell hard for her personality right from the start. I felt she was strong willed, passionate and honestly, the woman could stand on her two feet without a care, she was empowering. This is definitely still very much present going into Hard Truth though at points, Harper does show a more weaker sense, maybe even naive or possibly easily influenced. The push and pull of here feelings were understandable to say the least, but I still felt at some points she was being very wishy washy with thinking clearly – obviously if you are picking up what I am putting down, or if not, love triangles my furry friends. I am not the BIGGEST fan of these types of developments, but I did like to an extent how it evolved.

And speaking of this love triangle, obviously we have the out of the blue, sexy one-night stand baby daddy Michael, retired military man meat cop. He definitely felt like a promising character at certain points, I didn’t really hold any grudge or hatred towards his character other than I didn’t think his cameo was warranted other than a supporting character rather than the intended secondary main character. He was sweet, caring but not memorable, so when I say love triangle, it was there, there was a definite try to make the reader feel something could shift, but at a certain point you knew he was simply there as an additive to the drama and nothing more. Then we have the handsome, rich, amazingly charismatic Alex. During Hard Truth, he was really the character to grow both emotionally and mentally. Dealing with his own struggles and realizing that maybe he has the right one in front of him, he really fights for the attention, and it really made his character worth swooning over.

Alex and Harper really did have the chemistry though, right from the beginning and throughout, which again why I say Michael stood no chance. They had a fun understanding, their sexual chemistry was very much melting off the pages. I think something that did semi irk me however with their romance, I really enjoyed how the Office Romance trope was so adamant in Hard Place but I felt like in Hard Truth, the plot dynamic really stirred away from this, which was kind of disheartening. It had such a great backbone for their tension in the beginning, though there were moments – secret kisses, glances, wishes – it was not like in the first book, which I would have liked more of if I am being honest. 

Another sight issue I had that really stuck with me, the stalker situation. I felt this plot twist was more or less pointless. It added a slight thrill-drama factor that was realistic enough, but it honestly it was such a random in and out twist that it really felt lack luster for my appeal. Not bad, just…. not sure if it was needed. 

Overall, diehard fan always here for Emily Goodwin, I really enjoyed the Hard Truth. It was a great ending to Harper and Alex’s romance. Though I did have my slight pet peeves, it obviously didn’t deter my enjoyment entirely. I really love all her romances, they are so fun, creative and just downright swoon worthy. Emily Goodwin just does not disappoint me, I cannot wait to see who comes next!

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