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Review: Wanting to Love You | Houston’s Finest Series by Erin Rylie

Wanting to Love YouTen years ago, Becky Waters fled her hometown and moved to Houston, heartbroken and pregnant. After a long and contentious fight with her parents and Child Protective Services to get back the son her family stole from her, she finally has everything she’s ever wanted. Her life seems like it’s finally on the right track until the father of her child shows up, demanding to know why she hid the existence of their son from him for so many years. As old hurts are brought to the surface, the feelings Becky has fought for the last ten years return with a vengeance. Can she forgive and forget, or will she let the past ruin her chance with the only man she’s ever been able to imagine in her future?

Reese Petrov has spent most of his adult life alone, licking his wounds after the devastation of a first love gone wrong. He’s focused on his career and nothing else, keeping everyone in his life at a distance. When he moves and meets his new partner at the Houston Police Department, he’s unexpectedly forced to face the one who got away. As he fights for a place in Becky and his child’s lives, a family tragedy brings him to his knees and forces him to realize that letting people in is the only way he can survive. Can he learn the lesson quickly enough to rebuild two of the most important relationships in his life?

4 Stars

New Adult | Contemporary | Romance

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy through author group in exchange for an honest review***

In the great words on Joey from BlossomWHOAH. Yep, that’s right, we are back for more hot cop romances to send my heart into a tizzy. Buckle up comrades, my bearded man is here! I gotta admit, this is probably my favorite, looking back on the Houston’s Finest series, because Wanting to Love You had me swooning like crazy. Everything leading up to Becky and Reese’s story had me aching to get my hands on this gem…

Now now, on to my favorite human, Becky. Seriously, Becky has been my hugest entertainment throughout most of the Houston’s Finest series, so tickle my pickle in a tizzy, I was beyond excited for her book. Her personality was hilariously charming, witty and down right blunt. Unfortunately though, my favorite character was slightly heartbreaking to see that her dynamic did a one-eighty. Wanting to Love You I knew going in was going to be deep, I knew it in my bones because tits there was a cliffhanger that just set it up perfectly. So I knew that Becky would have more serious attributes towards her temperament, but truthfully it was as if we had a brand new character, still believable and beyond relatable so not in a bad way, but just different. I still loved her attitude, how she was strong willed, kind, and had one hell of a back talking mouth, but again, she lacked that finesse that made her fall head over heels for her in the beginning. I do think what irked me the most too about it was that Charlos, my least favorite character in the serious had a point of really taking her spot light; he was the new sarcastic, quick shooting comeback Nelly and I needed that to be the same Becky. 

Then we have the deliciously bearded man meat Reese. Whew. Okay, I know that secretly I should have loathed him, but the second he said “Becs” I was obsessed. I was beyond thrilled to discover the man who broke Becky’s heart in high school. Oh the little flashbacks made me love him more. He had this brooding, serious attitude about his character’s dynamic that just screamed ‘Climb me like a tree’ – just amazing. But in all seriousness, he had a great character complexity. He was straight thinking, thick minded and perhaps a little dash of cuddle spot. Reese was simply charming. 

Oh but wow, their reunion?! Is it just me or is it hot in this room? Melting off the chair good, let me tell you. I really enjoyed their chemistry. I am a diehard fan of arguing leading to sex so when these two were arguing, the sexual tension literally radiated from the pages. It was fun, entertaining and downright scrumptious. How they dealt with their feelings as well was done so beautifully, it seemed to flow with their connection. I also enjoyed that there was a drama affect towards their rekindling but it did not overwhelm the romantic development. 

Speaking of the drama though, there was a slight thing I need to mention. Just my personal pet peeve, maybe not even really a peeve, but for me, though I enjoyed the fact that there was not a lot of clogged up, useless drama added to the plot, I still felt that very little really explored Becky’s parents. We got flashbacks of her childhood, we know that her parents made sure to take away her child, and that they had a hand in driving Reese away… other than dishonorable mentions, they were basically non-existent. Though to be fair, it was slightly a good thing I suppose, I think if there was more additive of that angle it might have been pointless drag on, but maybe I would have liked to see something more from that dynamic nonetheless. 

Overall, I enjoyed it. There were obviously points that I personally think could have been developed more or taken towards a different additive, and I also really wished that more of Becky’s personality from the first two books had been more adamant even in Wanting to Love You. She had such a fun, entertaining personality that made me laughing throughout, but I still adored everything about her! I think the ending was done really well, I felt like the closure with Reese and his mother was simply, quick and really sublime for the nature of their relationship. And again, I really could not get enough of Reese and Becky together, they seriously had a fierce, passionate relationship that was really the topping to this series. Being a debut series, I applaud Erin, and I am excited to see what comes ext from this author. 

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