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Review: VIPER | Fallen Angel Series by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

VIPERUSA TODAY bestselling authors Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank continue the story of sexy Fallen Angel rockers Viper and Halo in VIPER. 

Scorching chemistry. Red-hot lyrics. An irresistible bad boy. 
Halo, the new lead singer for Fallen Angel, never stood a chance against Viper, the legendary lead guitarist for the band. 

From the moment Halo set foot in Viper’s lair, the match was lit, threatening to consume the two men with the heat of their desire. But when their casual flings begins to morph into more, will it leave the entire band in flames? 

After all, it may have been Halo who fell from grace, but it’s only a matter of time before Viper falls for an angel. 

VIPER is the second book of the Fallen Angel Series and should be read following HALO. Halo and Viper’s story concludes in book three, ANGEL. 

5 stars

Romance | MM Romance | Music | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

Whew. And I am back – yeah, I couldn’t put the series down once I got started, there I admitted it whole hardheartedly. 

Can I just say one thing? Angst and more angst. Tortuously delicious angst in all the scrumptiously right places.Viper continues to be stingy little turd of emotional baggage while Halo does a one-eighty on the physical prowess venturing, craving more and more of their connection while trying to guard himself. So yeah, a hot mess of absolutely phenomenal character dynamic all over the place. Both Halo and Viper give me a run for my mindset, literally. I was not expecting the character to be who they were during the growth of their romance. One minute, someone is being hands deep (possibly figuratively… maybe not), all-consuming, the next the other pulls away; true, some of it could have been expected, but honestly I would have thought their push and pull would have been more level-loaded than what it was. Surprised me into a tizzy of emotional giddiness. 

Here we were, in an interview, and I knew he had to be sitting there forcing himself not to touch me. And that was fucking hot.

Words cannot describe the seer hot passion that is Viper and Halo. Honestly and truthfully. It wasn’t just their sexual connection, it was the fact that neither of them could stand being apart. This is really where the emotional aspect played because Viper was not intending on this to evolve, in retrospect, it was kind of an itch to scratch which turned into more. A lot of the second book was not just their chemistry flaring but their internal struggles. Viper really feels belittled in certain points and I couldn’t help but become gutted for him while still wanting to bash him across the head – like ‘What are you doing kiddo’. I know, crazy, considering the radiating confidence that is this character. There was also a hint of unhealthy addiction towards their sparks, it was almost as if neither could truly process mentally and emotionally what was becoming of their encounters. They fed off of one another that was both enduring and saddening. 

And that ending?! Oh my speckled heart. I cannot take this pounding in my chest – it hurts. Again, goes back to my prior statement, I had a feeling on who it would be, I truly did, but man, I was not expecting that.

Bottom line, I will say this once, if you enjoy music romances with a steamy angst feel dynamic, then Fallen Angel is definitely a series to pick up. I absolutely loved HALO and VIPER was the topper for me. Rarely does a sequel warm my soul as much as the first, but man, this one was phenomenal.

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