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Review: After Hours | The Boardroom Series by Lynda Aicher

After HoursThe Boardroom. After hours, it’s where Bay Area moguls indulge their fantasies. Ties are loosened. Inhibitions, too.

Assistant Avery Fast watched from a distance, mouth gaping, blood roaring wildly in her ears as she stared at the naked woman on the table before her. At executive Carson Taggert ordering a man to pleasure her. It made her feel guilty, embarrassed…and hot.

Carson watched and waited. Waited for Avery to notice him in the Boardroom. Waited for her to like what she saw. Waited to see what she’d do the next day. And the next. He couldn’t let her go—not when she’d seen what goes on in the Boardroom. He couldn’t stop thinking about the desire in her eyes, the flush on her cheeks, her obvious arousal.

Getting her to join was easy. But now Carson wants Avery all to himself.

5 stars

Romance | Erotica | Adult Fiction | Contemporary 

Yes! Finally. Thank you. I needed a scrumptious office sexpade to warm up my evening for sure. Yum. After Hours I think was better than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I read Strictly Confidential, and I definitely enjoyed it, but I was not expecting to just be absolutely in love with this book. Everything about the character dynamics was just panty dropping, melt off your seat good.

And speaking of the characters, yes I loved Avery. She was definitely a smidge more timid that I had initially thought she would be; I was expecting more of a power gain kind of gal, but honestly I liked this angle more than I thought. Avery wasn’t weak mind you, but she was very easily cooed with Carson, she definitely allowed herself more of a submissive personality when that development really escalated. But again, this isn’t bad. It really worked for her character growth. I felt in the beginning she was shy, again timid and perhaps sheltered, it wasn’t until she started discovering her sexual beauty did she become more empowering. 

This of course brings us to Carson, because I gotta say, without him, Avery’s growth would be nonexistent. He was just commanding, demanding and down right sexy as hell. I loved his character. Everything that came from his mouth just made me swoon. There, I admitted it. He dripped sex appeal. Carson was also slightly greedy, he more than on many occasions wanted everything but at the same time tried to keep Avery at a distance. It was fun to watch him go full on caveman. 

But it was Carson and Avery together that obviously made everything – I cannot mention one without the other, that is how much they countered one another throughout the entire development of the novel. Every scandalous inch they explored together, they grew together emotionally and sexually. I could not get over how Carson treated Avery, he absolutely treated her like she deserved and really made her feel beautiful, both in and outside of the Boardroom, which I think was important to her self-esteem. Especially considering how Avery was really discovering this sexual side of herself. From the moment they first had their weekend trip together in the Boardroom to the moment they were in the sex club, it was evident they literally could not keep themselves off of one another, they were completely, and incandescently beguiled. I loved it. 

What can I say – I really enjoyed it. I am absolutely obsessed with Office-Romance tropes, and when you add some type of erotica to that genre, oh you know I am game and honestly I really enjoy Lynda’s writing style. I was hooked from start to finish if I am being honest, I loved the connect between Carson and Avery, the caveman possession – I cannot admit that enough. Now to read Blind Trust…. oh my lanta I think it will be drool worthy. 

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