Fantasy, Paranormal

Review: Cirque de la Lune (Paranormal Circus Novella) by Emma Hamm

CirqueFrank Fairwell had it all, until he didn’t. Stripped away in a moment of philanthropic guilt that left him penniless, jobless, and despised by the people who’d raised him. Perhaps that’s why the Pinkertons jumped him outside a bar and left him for dead in the river.

Evelyn Dubois lives on the outskirts of society. She’s seen both the good, and the bad, all while hiding behind a striped tent known as Cirque la Lune. With her fiery red hair, and a flaming temper to boot, most people avoid her. Other than the man they found washed up on their shores, bootless, and nearly dead.

The Big Top hides many secrets, least of all the man who should have died. Frank quickly realizes these creatures who boast of magical abilities are far more powerful than their shows let on.

The only question is: Do they really want to stay hidden? Or should they let the world see what they can really do?

4 Stars

Fantasy | Paranormal | Novella

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy through the author in exchange for an honest review***

You know I am a diehard Emma Hamm fan, I mean right? It should be absolutely no surprise at this point. Probably anything this author releases I will jump the gun and purchases and gush over, so probably be warned at this point, I will fangirl. 

So right off the bat, paranormal – yay. Secondly, though I loathe clowns, yep, ick – Freak Show themes for a Circus is all my yum, please and thank you. So yes, I was all for this. And honestly, I am not sure what it was, but something gave me this Rob Zombie – Seether ‘Remedy‘ feels with a mixture of The Greatest Showman. I liked it. Like a Lottle.

All of the characters were great, all of the supporting characters really aided in what can be expected in the future novels, at least for what I hope might come in the future. I say this, because I did like Booster. But lets face it, this was the start of Frank and Evelyn, and the dual perspectives was sublime. Evelyn blew me away – I absolutely loved her character. She had this frail, damsel essence yet had this empowering personality wrapped inside of her. I know, confusing. She was flawed, weak and yet she was strong and owned herself. Something about what she represented made me sympathize and embrace her character more. 

And warning, just a smidge, there might be a slight trigger of types, at least in my opinion. There was a suggestion of perhaps abuse, and not in a distasteful way, I like the evolution of the characters strengthen from this, and the way that Frank played the hero towards this attribute, but it was definitely there. 

Speaking of Frank, he was a slight enigma as well – something baffled me about him. He was quite a cocky little turd, wasn’t he? From start to finish might I add. He was funny and almost annoying at times, I sometimes think he deserved another shift punch to the nose. But too be fair he did redeem himself, he had great qualities – especially at the end – I look forward to seeing more of that. 

Overall, I loved this. Beyond enticing, fun and exciting novella to read on a fast whim. It was absolutely entertaining. Loved the supernatural affects, I would like to see more of that growth in the future, more dynamics of the Freak Show – just phenomenal. Would expect nothing less from Emma Hamm at this point.  


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