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Review: Kissing in Cars | Kiss & Make Up Series by Sara Ney

KISSING IN CARSWill she, or won’t she… 

Studious and (mostly) sensible, the only thing Molly Wakefield wants to do is get through Senior Year and graduate. Well, that and hit the beach in her spare time. Okay, fine – and go shopping every once in a while for a new dress… (and who could blame her?) 

And things are going according to plan – until the day she spies Weston McGrath, handsome star athlete and scholar, spying on her in study hall. 

A tad creepy? Maybe. 
Thrilling? Absolutely. 

You see, Weston McGrath happens to be one guy no one can get close to. 

Despite her best efforts to avoid it (because let’s face it – the guy isn’t exactly “boyfriend material”) Mollly and Weston form a friendship. 
And more…. 
Sort of. 
But it’s a friendship that comes with a price – because Weston just cannot seem to stop screwing things up. Or saying all the wrong things. Possibly in that order… 
And who has time for an 18 year old “fixer-upper” that should know better? 
Not Molly. 
Or does she? 

4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Sports | Young Adult Fiction

I cannot believe I have never really read a strictly YA Romance Contemporary novel until recently. I know – SHUN THE NON BELIEVER – I just honestly haven’t found any author to really dive into that particular side of the romance co-genre. At least until now. I was a diehard, book boner enthusiast for Sara Ney’s Douchebag series. Even in the new adult fiction world it was fun, entertaining, and I absolutely loved her writing style with the characters. So obviously I had to give her other series a go, right?

I really enjoyed Kissing in Cars. A lot more than I thought I would if I am being honest with you. Again, the writing style, the overall plot drama, the characters themselves were borderline drool worthy in a cute, light romantic read. 

Weston was the high school typical jock, hockey player with a cocky ego and the looks to match. At first he definitely comes off with that ‘I am better than you attitude’ with a blend of obviously being able to get/have any girl he wants. Again – the typical jock personality. But really Weston was a closet sweetie whose mouth didn’t always listen to his brain. I enjoyed that quite a bit. I loved his harden, rude word vomit. Something you normally see in fictional female leads. 

Speaking of which, Molly, I was overall on the fence with her characters personality. I liked her, I really did, but at times I think she lacked a certain additive to her, I cannot entirely place where I am going with that, but she irked me. One minute she understands what she getting herself into dating a guy like Weston, but then over reacts when he doesn’t say the right thing. Perhaps maybe she was just too much of something… but she was a sweet kind of gal, definitely captured a lot of what a high school girl is conflicted with, so she was relatable, definitely believable with her attributes. 

It was definitely the chemistry through that had me really enjoying the plot and drama mixture regardless of my feelings towards Molly. This is probably more because I loved how Weston really complicated things, he was sweet yet that word vomit – always saying the wrong thing damnit. Plus their actual moments being romantic or even remotely sexual lovey-dovey was perfectly sublime. It was cute, adorable young love and I definitely thought it was a memorable connection. 

Overall, still a huge fan of Sara Ney’s writing style, her ability to make fun characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Swoon worthy chemistry that made my heart sore with happiness as I read through this amazing plot. I love it. I cannot wait to continue this series! 

Bring on the cuteness overload please and thank you…

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