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Release Blitz + Excerpt + Review: Made For You | Love & Family Series by Anyta Sunday

MadeforYou-AS-fBen wants to find a new home. 

Twenty-four-year-old Ben McCormick is the primary caregiver for his brother Milo after their parents’ death. A year into the job, he’s totally got the hang of it. Mostly. Sort of. Not at all? 

Defeated and thoroughly chastised for his lack in parenting skills at teacher-parent night, Ben slumps away with the resolve to finally get his life sorted: be a better role model, and sell their parents’ house for a fresh start. 

But first, he needs to spruce up his house to hit the market. He’s no DIY king, but Milo’s hot-as-hell woodwork teacher is… 

Jack wants an old home to fix. 
Thirty-nine-year-old Jack Pecker is waiting for the home of his dreams to come on the market in the summer. What better way to wait the interim months than working on a small renovation gig? 

Only trouble is, the gig is for the McCormick brothers. And working in close quarters to red-haired Ben McCormick won’t be easy. Not with the attraction that simmers between them. Attraction Ben makes no effort to hide. 

But Jack’s professional. Dating a parent is highly discouraged at Kresley Intermediate, and he’d never cross the lines… 

Ben and Jack. Two guys searching for a home – 
– a home that might just be where their hearts lead them. 

~ – ~ – ~ 

Set in New Zealand, Made For You (Love & Family #2) is an MM gay romance featuring two guys at very different places in their lives – but both finding out they are looking for the same thing.
Can be read as a standalone. 

4 Stars

New Adult | Romance | MM Romance | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with ANovelTakePR in exchange for an honest review***

What is one of my all time favorite genres to read? You guess it, M/M Romance. I cannot help it, it is something about the drama, the raw passion and just the overall dynamics I see in these types of romances verses others that just hooked me in man, it is always so good! And to add to that bucket, I am always on the lookout for authors I haven’t heard of before because I like to see refreshing variety, hence this gem. I have never read anything by Anyta Sunday and I can already tell she is going to go down in my hall of most sought out; her overall writing style was fun, entertaining and downright swoon worthy. Made For You was the absolute topping to my already great reading month for April and I cannot wait to add more of her to my TBR.

To be fair though, what makes a writers writing style golden? Their characters, especially in romance genre – lets face it, that is the entirety of the novel. I really liked the characters, yes some pet peeves but I will get to that in a smidge. Firstly, I really liked Jack from the moment he was introduced. I like his attitude towards Ben and his younger brother, Milo. Obviously the trope of being Milo’s hot teacher with some interestingly amazing humor for his Woodpecker last name definitely upped that ante. But truly, before I even mention the actual chemistry he shared with Ben, it was more so just that father authority figure role he stepped in, he was this protector and I rather enjoyed seeing that side of him in the character dynamic. 

Ben of course was a peach. I really liked him, so much so I probably found more things to dislike about his character, it almost aided in how my opinion constantly rotated for him…. For starters, Ben was rather young, and I think that the author really honed in on his naive, almost innocent personality for a reason, but many occasions I was on the fence with really adoring and sympathizing towards him to downright wishing he would grow a pair of balls and man up. But to counter this, Ben really did try, and he tried hard and all the while seemed to have a smile on his face while dealing with it. He was a good guy. Not to mention his hilariously adorable brother Milo did not help his characters outlook on many occasions, both of their characters really played up that fact of how unprepared they were for their situation. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, really worked well for the chemistry that developed with Jack in the mix, but it also hindered Ben’s growth in my opinion towards his character. 

And speaking of the chemistry, oh my lanta. The minute they meet, you can tell – as a reader it is very easy to pick up on the sexual chemistry. Hell, that is reality, most people find individuals attractive first before developing emotional connection, and this is definitely Ben and Jack. But what I enjoyed most between their romantic dynamic was that they admitted the attraction, put a plug in it and still were able to grow this type of bond that really was a friendship first. Again, I mentioned it earlier, but Jack really stepped into this authority figure role, not like a superficial father figure per say, but a support system that really put a special additive to their chemistry. I think it really highlighted their friendship too once their were jokes and conversation – seriously their banter was honestly just perfection. When I wasn’t gushing over the sexual tension, I was chuckling at their back and forth witty bickering. I promise too, once that romance does finally hit that peak, oh yeah, it was good. They were perfect together.

My only other pet peeve was more so the extra drama dynamic. There were some mentions of the age gap, the controversy over being teacher vs parent, plus the added effect of Ben and Milo’s situation. I truly liked this drama dynamic, but unfortunately there were times for this drama then there were either moments of lack luster incentive or over the top antics that to me, seemed rather pointless. Not bad by no means, but I think some could have been executed a little differently. 

Bottom line, tickle my fancy pickle on this one – I loved it. It was such a great mixture of sweet to swoonage, to witty banter back around to the more caring side of romance. It was just a great feel-good romance. Definitely one I would recommend for sure, I know I will be adding more of Anyta to my ever growing TBR because who needs more M/M Romance? This kid.

Made for You Banner 2


When I return, Milo has turned around, finally facing Ben. “I don’t want you to sell the house.”
“Look, it won’t happen immediately. But it will happen.”
“It’s not fair.”
“Not got the memo yet, bucko? Life isn’t fair.”
They stare at each other. I don’t want to break their moment, but a twig snaps underfoot.
Milo spots me and his body jerks with surprise. “Mr. Woodpecker?”
I cut Ben a look, and he pauses to smirk before turning his chin toward Milo. I think he might tell him to cut that shit out.
“Mr. Woodpecker holds your Fanta ransom.”
Or not.
I’m close to putting an end to this stand-off and barking orders. If Milo were my kid, I’d have his ass in bed by now, no media for a fortnight.
Not my kid. Not my kid.
Ben reads my face and his expression shutters. “Fuck. We’re pissing off your teacher. How much will it take to get you down?”
He pulls a wallet from his back pocket.
“Fifty,” Milo hollers.
This is not actually happening. Ben’s parenting is unorthodox at best.
“Thirty-five, and not a dollar less.”
“Fifteen, and you shower before bed.”
Milo leans over the edge and reins in his shout. “Do I have to do my hair?”
Ben looks like he’s about to give into a frustrated laugh. The poor guy is damp and muddy and miserable, and Milo needs to quit it.
I catch Milo’s gaze and hold it. It might not be my place, but I have to do something for Ben. My voice is steady and commanding. “Get your butt down here, boy. Or I’ll have you cleaning the class bins all week.”
“Fine. Fifteen bucks. I’ll do my hair.” He lowers a ladder and I brace the shitty thing as he climbs down.
Ben crowds close behind me, a block of warmth at my back. He lets out a breathy ‘thank fuck’ at my nape that feels a lot like brushing up against an electric line that definitely shouldn’t be crossed.

Made for You Graphic 1

Meet Anyta Sunday:

A bit about me: I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.

Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.

I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy.
My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Thai.

Connect with Anyta:
Author website:
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