Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Needing to Love You | Houston’s Finest by Erin Rylie

Needing to love youCarlos Ramirez has always prided himself on two things: being damn good at his job on the Houston police force and being able to land any woman he wants. When a devastating car accident leaves him crippled and in excruciating pain, he begins to rely too heavily on his prescription painkillers. The only person who can help him heal is the only woman who has ever rejected him—and on more than one occasion. Living with Kelsey while he works through physical therapy wasn’t anything he ever expected to happen, but it might just be what he needs. 

After a divorce that left her doubting her ability to love, Kelsey Byrne wants nothing to do with relationships. Unfortunately for her, the only man she could see herself loving needs a place to live and help while he recovers. She had a hard time pushing him away after a one-night stand, so how can she possibly keep him at arm’s length when he’s in her house every day, playing with her son, cooking her meals, and leaving her cute notes every morning? Carlos may be working his way into her heart one sweet gesture at a time, but can she give him everything knowing that she’s more than a little broken inside?

4 Stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy from author in exchange for an honest review***

Whew. That is definitely the best I can say right now… seriously, I am in love. After reading Hating to Love You, I couldn’t help but come back for more of this Houston’s Finest series. Especially considering the charming Carlos is our main squeeze and getting to know the next girlfriend in the trio of amazingness that is the leading ladies has me hooked. So yeah, obsession has been commenced because Needing to Love You was plum delicious. 

I love the charm that Carlos has with his personality. He has this snide, charismatic sarcastic essence that just drips with the swoon-worthy antics; I am melting with glee. Everything about how he interacts with every character, not just Kelsey, but the rest of the girl gang, especially Becky. But not only that but the bromance that is Carlos and Rafe – flipping adorably hilarious. And now adding in Reese. Holy moly cracker barrel on a stick, gimmie some of Reese and Carlos together more. Just their meeting interaction made me chuckle so hard, I can see even more bromance-a-brewing. Though I really did love his character, amazing personality, but at many points how he acted was rather annoying. Not saying it wasn’t unwarranted with his personal struggles he was going through, but honestly for most of the novel he acted slightly childish. I felt that Kelsey needed to give him a good punch to the balls…

And speaking of Kelsey, I liked her. I liked her a lot. I absolutely adored her quirkiness. Her spewing of random facts when she is nervous was perfection, I thought everything about Kelsey was just downright adorable. My only pet peeve is at some points I felt her story was left with awkward unanswered issues. I understood the issue with her ex-husband and their interactions. At one point he was abrasive towards her and the next he wanted to have dinner and discuss their next steps to being friends. It was semi rushed for my tastes. 

Kelsey and Carlos together – oh my lanta. Their passion and chemistry absolutely radiated off the pages. Honestly I felt that they just had so much to gain from one another; Carlos I think really aided in helping Kelsey see how amazing she was, or maybe it was helping her feel wanted and beautiful, it was perfect. Kelsey in turn really showed Carlos how to really just man up. They just meshed well together, developed together and their character growth was scrumptious – and lets face it, the sexy scenes were yummy. 

Overall, I am loving this series by Rylie. She blows me away with her writing style, fun, light and just entertaining with her characters. Needing to Love You was an absolute gem, even with my personal pet peeves, it was enjoyable to say the least. I laughed, I cried, I chuckled – possible snortable happened, and definitely swooned. Carlos and Kelsey swooped in and stole my heart and soul – I cannot wait to continue my support for Erin Rylie, she can only go up from here! 

Next up, I cannot wait to get my hands on Reese and that Becky! Seriously, I have a feeling it is going to be phenomenal. Hopefully I see you in Wanting to Love You!  


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