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Review: Falling for Fallon | Oak Hill Series by S.J. Slyvis

Falling for FallonSomehow, at the ripe age of twenty-three, I find myself in line to marry a man I don’t love. 

I grind my teeth right there at the dinner table as my mother and father go on and on about how proud they are of me, how proud they are that I, Fallon Addington, will no longer be the black sheep of the family and become the daughter they’ve always wanted. 

Marry Derek and they’ll finally accept me. 
Marry Derek and they’ll stop shoving men from their “social circle” in my direction. 
Marry Derek and become the spitting image of my mother; the perfect corporate wife with a face full of make-up and not a hair out of line. 
Marry Derek and all the shame and guilt will disappear.

But then… I embarrassingly flash Emmett Lanning my bra and suddenly my parents’ hopes and dreams are burning up in flames, right there along with my heart.

3 Stars

New Adult | Romance | Contemporary

***Received Advanced Readers Copy from author in exchange for an honest review***

So I have been pinning away to finally get the Emmett story. Can you blame me? I do so love small town romances and after Chasing Ivy, I was dying to get into this gem! Though I admit, there are a lot of things I loved about Falling for Fallon, there were some unfortunate things I did not…

First and foremost, I obviously need to binge rant about Fallon, I mean she is the leading lady? Not bad, but you know, not entirely good. So Fallon was interesting to me, I will admit this right now, I tried really hard to sympathize for her character. I love a good damsel but honestly Fallon is in fact one of the weakest characters I have read, and I mean this in several different angles. Again, not entirely bad way, but just not good. I understood her personality, the push for this so called ‘arrange marriage’, the pressure of acceptance from her family, the overbearing hindrance she puts on herself to be this do good people pleaser personality. All of this however came across completely annoying majority of the time. Any time Fallon had any ounce of backbone, it was shattered. Her character was rather predictable if I am being honest. She also depended solely on not just everyone around her for acceptance but bottom line, her entire growth was based around Emmett’s interactions and reactions. I am not saying I didn’t enjoy her character, but overall she sent me into a tizzy on more than one occasion and for the life of me, I could not sympathize nor could I connect with her. She was bland and entirely too inferior. 

Something that really peeked my annoyance level mostly with how Fallon’s surrounding build was that of her actual home life, her mother, father, brothers and her sister in laws. It was too much of this privileged, extreme almost way too exaggerated outlook on the rich life. Fallon and her supporting characters had this bubble which seemed rather forced in a lot of aspects to help aid in the plot of how Fallon’s life was so different than the common life of Emmett. 

And speaking of Emmett, oh how I enjoyed him the most and yet, even his character irked me. He had such a great personality mix from Chasing Ivy, I loved how he was in his circle of friends, he was charming and cute. I will also admit that I was slightly waiting for this other woman drama, but at the same time glad this was only a half mention to his resistance, it played out well for his internal struggles. The parts I did however not like were how he treated Fallon. Don’t get me wrong, I liked their chemistry, but I will get to that more in a bit, what I disliked was that at some occasions there was a smidge of peer pressure when he kept saying things like being on the fly, enjoying one another. He was extremely clinging which made him seem rather rebound romance. 

On top of this, I know, back to the actual chemistry, Emmett and Fallon were basically this insta-connection. It had some underlying twists of to me, what seemed slightly toxic but nonetheless, cute. They really depended on one another to see the good in each other and themselves. Again, Fallon really depending on Emmett’s character for her growth, and majority of their romance was built on the acceptance of one another. It was cute as it was passionate and yet rather closed and signaler mindset romance. 

Overall, really entertaining read, it was fast and enjoyable at least, even with putting my pet peeves into the mix I still really enjoyed Fallon and Emmett. Again, they had a really cute and fun build towards their romance they just, at least in my opinion, were very dynamically driven for the romance and growth of the novel. 

I am really curious to see what comes next in the Oak Hills series! 


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