Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Review: Cruel Sanctuary | Wages of Sin by Tara Leigh

Cruel SantuaryThey say New York City is the Devil’s Playground.
They’re wrong.
This city belongs to me.
And so does Aislinn Granville. 

She is a pampered politician’s daughter.
A decorative ornament, 
raised to smile and nod and do what she’s told.

Except… she doesn’t. Not with me. Ever.

In this city full of thugs and thieves, I’ve kept Aislinn safe.
From my enemies.
From me.

Until now.

4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy through the author in exchange for an honest review***

Well crap. Tara Leigh did it again. She has beyond captivated me. The masterful dynamic that she has written for the Wages of Sin has already set me up for excitement in all the right places. The intrigue, the web of deceit, all the yummy gooey romance, I just – ugh I am beguiled. I mean it. The dynamics have between the characters, and not just the main ones, the supporting characters is just breathtaking. Figuring out the next move, the twist and turns have me on the edge of my seat.

And speaking of the plot, oh my lanta, I cannot even describe how mind blowing everything is, everything that is occurring had my head spinning. I was constantly thinking, holy moly, what can go wrong now?? 

Seriously though, the best part about everything that Tara Leigh creates, aside from being gold that is the plot, the characters are just phenomenal. Between the sassy damsel Aislinn and the arrogant, hot alpha male Damon, the chemistry is beyond melting off the chair delicious. Aislinn is definitely amazing. I loved how fierce and stubborn she was as a character, constantly fighting her connection to Damon while also trying to stand strong against her father. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely the damsel heroine but in all the juicy best of ways, she is passionate, cunning and down right pig headed, it was glorious. She is just fun and entertaining, not your typical damsel for sure. And what good is a damsel without the swoon worthy hero? Bet your bottom dollar Damon is scrumptious. Still working out all the kinks of how I feel about him but one thing for sure, he is perfection. I enjoy his personality a lot. Super hard, very distance, your typical shell of brooding. 

As far as the romance – yes please can I have more please master? Let me just wipe up the drool hanging from my mouth. They were hot. And I do mean HOT. They definitely had an insta-lust connection, which was both amazingly fulfilling and yet questionable. I loved seeing Damon and Aislinn fighting for their alpha-personality to strive for superior pedestal. It was probably the most entertaining aspect of the entire book! I cannot wait to see what grows with their romance. I know I won’t be disappointed.

Bottom line, Tara Leigh has me hook, line, and sinker. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this woman’s writing style! She is beyond a gem of gems. From the Legacy of Lies and now The Wages of Sin, I cannot convey enough hoes much I obsess. She has such a powerful and just overall riveting writing style, I am hooked from the first sentence to the last. Literally, now I am hooked on a fishing rod pining away for Corrupt Savior, I need more and I need it now. Book two cannot seem to come fast enough! 

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