Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Fixing Him | Fixing Series by Miranda Elaine

FIXINGHIMOne summer. 
Three months.
Ninety days spent learning every inch of Sam Matthews’ body.
We agreed to no strings when our time was up. 
We promised we could both handle this.
I lied. 

I never expected to fall for this man or this town. 
This was just supposed to be a stop on the way to starting my real life. 
But now, time is up and everything feels wrong.

He says I’m too young.
He says I’m too innocent. 
He says he’s not the type to settle down.

He’s fixing my newly inherited home.
Now, I’m fixing his frame of mind.

4 Stars

New Adult | Romance | Contemporary

What can I say? When a find a new author I cannot help but gush at the possibilities, and then find out it is one of the tropes happens to be a deliciously enticing age gap, I mean seriously, do you doubt my obsession? Because you shouldn’t. Ever. But really, here we are and I have honestly never heard of Miranda Elaine, which is a freaking shame considering how much I enjoyed Fixing Him. It was such an enjoyable, feel good kind of romance that I needed right in that moment, and I can honestly say this was a good one. 

So what made this such a treat to read? Mostly it was the main characters, I really enjoyed the personality traits and romance that was between Montana and Sam… Can I admit a couple of things though? Especially as I dive into the main characters, I liked Montana and Sam, but sadly I also disliked them. Alright, so firstly, I loved Montana’s free spirit, I loved her personality in a lot of ways. She was bubbly, confident and just beautifully kind. However, to that point, her sweetness at many points was just too naive, slightly awkward. Dare I say, adolescently annoying. Then we have Sam. Oh the brooding, delicious hunk of man, I loved him. Seriously, I thought his country man meat personality was just great. I liked how he always wanted to help people. But again, I disliked him because at many points, ugh I just couldn’t handle how he allowed his age to dictate his actual drive, his emotions, just everything. But I definitely understand it, they were just closed off shells without realizing how great they were…

To that point, putting those pet peeves aside, honestly their romance really was the sweetest. Again, Fixing Him was all about the feel goods I think. Both Montana and Sam were finding themselves. They were at such different points in their lives yet once their professional relationship progressed to friendship and ultimately more romantic entanglements, it became very imperative how much the growth of their characters depended on the other. This isn’t a bad thing at all either, they really needed one another. Montana, in my mind, was entirely free spirited that I think it hindered her in a way she was completely unsure of her future. Though at many points, she admitted she liked her nomad lifestyle, I think ti was deep down more so she felt she never belonged. Then you have Sam, he is in a point in his life where he enjoys being a bachelor but really he is just holding on to the fact that he doesn’t deserve much of anything in his life, which is sad. Montana simply lightened his corner, and I loved how their progressed with their romance, it bettered them as a whole. 

And let’s not shy away from the fact that they really had a very sexy chemistry. Those scenes were either the cutest things ever or dripping hot. The lake scene – whoa. The two of them sneaking around – yummy. I really loved their chemistry!  The steam was delicious.

I also really enjoyed the supporting characters. Though I haven’t read Fixing Her just yet, I can already tell I adore Temperance for one. And lets not forget, not all the supporting characters were actually humans, can I just tell you right now how much I adored Kermie, Montana’s little piglet. Oh my lanta, this was just the cutest things ever. And the way that Sam just snuggled with Kermie gave my soul purpose, I could honestly picture it perfectly. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Fixing Him. It was cute, entertaining romantic dynamic and it had a lot of fun aspects with the supporting characters. I definitely loved the age gape, it made things a lot more realistic, especially when I had issues with the actual situation development, but again – this was such a fun, really cute romance. The second book in the Fixing series, I cannot wait to see what comes next from Miranda Elaine!

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