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Review: Sanctuary Found | Pelican Bay Series by Sloane Kennedy

SANCTAURYComing home should be the easiest thing in the world, but I’ve never felt more lost…

When his stellar military career comes to an abrupt and terrible end, thirty-two-year-old Maddox Kent returns to the town he never planned to step foot into again, hoping to mend the rift he himself caused with the brother he left behind. But coming home means facing some hard truths about himself and his actions. When he has the chance to start making amends by helping his brother with the wildlife sanctuary he runs, Maddox is thrown another curveball when a stranger appears…

As long as we keep moving, everything will be okay. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway…

For twenty-one-year-old Isaac, Pelican Bay is only supposed to be a stopping point on the trek from San Francisco to New York. With his little brother, Newt, in tow, Isaac is just looking to make things right by returning something of value to a person he wronged. But “getting lost” in the next big city proves to be a problem when the brutal Minnesota winter claims Isaac’s car and strands him and Newt at the animal sanctuary. When the owners of the place offer him a job, a desperate Isaac agrees, despite the presence of a man Isaac instinctively knows could be his downfall…

It should be so easy to let him go, but I can’t. And not just because I want to protect him…

Nothing about Isaac makes sense to Maddox. Not his piercings or makeup or flashy clothes. And most certainly not the snarky mouth that doesn’t match the vulnerability Maddox sees in the younger man’s eyes. But one thing does make sense to the hardened former soldier. Isaac is running from something, and Maddox’s gut is telling him not to let Isaac and little Newt go until he can ferret out the truth.

But having Isaac around means trying to make sense of something else Maddox isn’t expecting… his own body’s response to the beautiful younger man. Aside from their explosive chemistry, nothing about the straitlaced soldier and the secretive misfit works.

But maybe that’s exactly why it does…

4 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | MM Romance | Contemporary

What can I say, I will not deny that I am a sucker for an age gap. I cannot help it. And Sloane Kennedy has me in a choke-hold with her MM Romance, can you really blame me though? Did you read that synopsis? Gush me more please and thank you. Age gap, juicy drama, character complexities wrapped up in deliciously divine snarky dialogue – sign me up always. I love a good character composition, and good characters is what I got with Maddox and Isaac, nothing short of entertainment that is definitely for sure.

Maddox was probably the most strangest of characters I have had to unravel. He was something of a complexity if you will, on one angle he was rugged, fierce, passionate and extremely strong. He had a strong build, meaty obviously, but strong in just his personality but at the same point he had a certain level of weakness, or perhaps innocence. I say this because he isn’t actually gay, or at least he doesn’t entirely identify with labels at the beginning yet he can acknowledge his attraction to Isaac. This in turns develops questions about himself, everything around himself, who he is as a person really and all the while, he starts to explore these attractions with Isaac and learns what it is like to be loved by a man. You don’t always see this in the older man during these dynamics, which was enriching as it was scrumptious, not that he was the weaker male, both Isaac and Maddox exuded so much delicious masculinity it was dripping from the pages, but it was interesting to see the older male being the student, more timid learning in this romantic dynamic.

Then on the other hand we have Isaac, who is very much gay, very sure of himself. I liked his character a lot yet disliked him a great deal, mostly because we were introduced to the young Isaac at he ending of Found in Silence, having been the one individual who helped Trey torment the lovable Nolan. But when I went into this thinking I would dislike his naive, rash lifestyle, I came to identify with his perspective. He was impressionable, it was hard not to sympathize for his character once the pieces to his puzzle started to fall into place, he really had a sad story to tell, one that made me cringe. Though at many points he still overwhelmed me with his childish personality, he was somewhat of a sweet character, one I think Maddox really leaned on.

And these two together – whew. Though it was a slow, and sometimes cringe worthy build, it was intense. They had this revolving connection, it was endless depths honestly, once they got started it just did not stop. They were beyond passionate towards one another, the way Maddox ultimately treated Isaac was just breathtaking. Not just sexually, but emotionally and mentally, they were just in sync.

Aside from the actual romance too, Sanctuary Found took a little turn into something more darker with the drama, at least mildly so – it was definitely an angle I enjoyed seeing. It actually helped build on the romance and mutual connection between Maddox and Isaac as well because of what happened in both their pasts, Isaac specifically seeing as his was still following him and his little brother, Newt. And oh my sweet baby Jesus, Newt, I loved him. He was the special mediator of sweetness in the mix of drama and romance that was just perfect. Definitely a favorite character.

Overall, I enjoyed a lot about Sanctuary Found, Isaac and Maddox were definitely one of many fun, entertainingly delicious couples. I loved their chemistry, their dialogue and definitely their sexual connection. There were little irks here and there but nothing that really deterred my overall enjoyment of this read, seriously Sloane has me corrupted, I need more of her writing style, her characters are just phenomenal, multidimensional of yummy.

And damnit, when am I going to get the damn vet? Everyone keeps discussing how attractive this man is….. I need him. That is all.

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