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Review: Locked in Silence | Pelican Bay Series by Sloane Kennedy

LOCKEDI’ve spent years hoping someone would finally hear me. It’s easier not to try anymore…

Ten years after leaving his small Minnesota hometown in his rearview mirror for what Nolan Grainger was sure would be the last time, life has decided to throw the talented musician a curveball and send him back to the town he lived in but was never really home.

At twenty-eight, Nolan has traveled the world as a successful concert violinist with some of the best symphonies in the country. But success breeds envy, and when Nolan’s benefactor and lover decides Nolan has flown high enough, he cruelly clips Nolan’s wings. The betrayal and ensuing scandal leaves the violinist’s career in shambles and with barely enough money to start fresh somewhere beyond his vindictive ex’s powerful reach. But just as he’s ready to get his life back on track, Nolan gets the call he’s been dreading.

After a stroke leaves his father a partial invalid, duty-bound Nolan returns to Pelican Bay and a life he’s spent years trying to forget. When he’s forced to use the last of his own money to keep from losing the family home, desperation has him turning to the one man he’d hoped never to see again…

Even if I could speak, there wouldn’t be anyone there to listen…

Pelican Bay’s golden boy, Dallas Kent, had the quintessential perfect life. Smart, gorgeous, and popular, the baseball phenom was well on his way to a life filled with fame and fortune. But more importantly, he had a one-way ticket out of Pelican Bay and far away from the family who used love as currency and whose high expectations were the law of the land. But a stormy night, sharp highway curve and one bad decision changed everything, leaving Dallas with nothing.

Because the accident that took his parents, his future and his crown as the boy who could do no wrong, also stole his voice.

Despised for the horrific wreck that ended the lives of two of Pelican Bay’s most respected residents, Dallas has retreated to a secluded stretch of land where he’s found refuge in a menagerie of unwanted animals that don’t care that he once had the world at his feet or that he’ll never speak again.

But when the quiet, bookish boy he wasn’t allowed to notice in school suddenly reappears ten years later at Dallas’s wildlife rehab center in desperate need of a job, Dallas is thrust back into a world he’s worked hard to escape.

Dallas’s silence was supposed to send Nolan scurrying, but what if Nolan ends up being the one person who finally hears him?

Will two men who’ve been fleeing from the past finally come home to Pelican Bay for good or will the silence drive them apart forever?

5 stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | MM Romance | Contemporary

Well shimmer my timbers, Sloane Kennedy has beguiled me. I cannot help it, I love MM Romance, it is something about the passion between these types of dynamics that make me melt. Melt all over the place I tell you! After a book bestie recommended the Pelican Bay Series to me, I had to start it, right? Those synopsis were just too much amazing to pass up on. 

Firstly, let me admit one thing – I devoured this series. Yep. I have read all three books already and can I say one thing… Sloane Kennedy has an AMAZING writing style. The way she captivates each character internally was just beautiful. Their struggles, the passion, just the overall build and dynamics that Sloane creates was just amazingly thrilling. 

Whew – now that that is over… lets get to the good stuff.

Locked in Silence will definitely be my favorite. I can’t help it, Dallas and Nolan just took my breath away, I felt their issues were just so riveting and powerful that the book hangover it gave to me was hardcore swoonage, nothing compares right now. Nolan at first glance is something of an enigma, one that I wanted to piece together all the little pieces of his life. Definitely a character I am not sure near the beginning was timid and inferior, or passionate and strong. I especially was extremely curious about Trey and this entire backstory of Nolan being a castaway from his California life to return to this closed-minded, seething Pelican Bay. As the story continues, the reader starts to get more and more of Nolan. Both in the present and past, he is rather guarded, and to be quite honest, fierce. After everything he suffers, and still suffers, he continues to find the good in the situation and find the answers. I like this about him a lot. Though at times he is defeated, your heart just crushes for Nolan in these scenes, for once I yearned for a character to just have it easy.

Dallas on the other hand was something entirely different. He is defeated, his entire character is defeated and castaway from even the town of Pelican Bay. Oh my lanta did I shed tears for Dallas. Still even thinking about his struggles brings a choke in my throat and tears to my eyes. At the beginning we had so much of Nolan’s perspective it wasn’t until Dallas entered the pages with his internal thoughts does it really hit home for the reader, not only is he mute, but he is facing several demons of his past. He may appear to be this buff piece of man meat, ready to squash you like a roach, but he is the sweetest, most gentlest of bears.

And as for the chemistry, here is the kicker because I know the synopsis says it, but it doesn’t really captivate it, Nolan and Dallas went to school together. Dallas was Nolan’s high school crush and that moment of first seeing one another after a decade was just powerfully intense. Their development too was just as easily powerful. Dalla’s regret with out he or his friends treated Nolan, it really played a huge role on their chemistry growth. Nolan starts to revolve around Dallas, they just melded together perfectly, it was like Nolan understood Dallas. They had a great chemistry too, one that at first started off slow, really shined light on them developing a friendship of sorts first, then when the tension explodes on the hood grill of the truck, I know I am done for!

Seriously, the passion between Nolan and Dallas was phenomenal. From the first moment they connected sexually it was like the world tilted on its axis down to the moment where they learn to explore and trust one another sexually. It was beautiful and scrumptious. Nolan and Dallas just fit together perfectly, that is about all I can say.

On top of all of this, because Nolan and Dallas were just perfection, something I was intrigued on learning more about was this small town – Pelican Bay. The overlay of the drama in this town was both devastatingly delicious and catastrophically sad. The closed minded townsmen was just powerful and intense, it really tugged at the strings in my soul. This scenario really played into the development of the romance, it neither overshadowed nor downplayed behind the actual romance either, it just flowed. It was imperative to both the characters to have this as well, considering their internal struggles, it was absolutely needed and it played out it the most beautiful of ways. 

As a matter of fact, because of how the drama played out I was constantly wishing I could just jump into the book and protect Dallas and Nolan, oh and my sweet Loki and Gentry. The hatred and spitefulness of the secondary characters was just painfully real. 

Overall, because obviously you cannot tell enough from all my gushing, I loved Locked in Silence. Dallas and Nolan were sublime. The read was absolutely breathtaking as it was earth-shattering. The passion between these two characters were enough to shake the pants off of me, it was delicious. I loved their growth individually and obviously as a romance. Dallas and Nolan deserved their happy ending, it felt perfect.

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