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Review: The Princess, The Prick & The Priest | Confessions Series by Ella Frank

PRIESTEveryone said our love wouldn’t work. 
That it was too hard, too complicated, too messy. 
Oh how I enjoy proving everyone wrong. 

My men are smart, sexy, sophisticated— 
and most of all, crazy about me. 
The only problem is trying to explain 
that to my big, opinionated Italian family. 

But after all we’ve been through, we deserve a 
happily ever after. And if there’s one 
thing I know about my guys, they always 
manage to have a few surprises up their sleeves.

3 Stars

MMM Romance | Erotica | Romance | Adult Fiction | Menage

Ah, this kills me to do this…. ick. I have been dreading typing this review because I just cannot bring myself to give Ella Frank a three star rating, but I can’t see myself going any higher for the fourth book in the Confessions Series, which is damn near a shame because I have loved this trio’s romance since the beginning. Anyone who is a fan of Ella Frank knows exactly what to expect from her writing style, nothing short of exquisitely written romance that is beyond all encompassing, just powerful dynamics that will leave you gutted or swooning. Unfortunately though, The Princess, The Prick, & The Priest may have her writing style dripping from the pages even still, it was missing too much, it wasn’t quite something and I am still trying to put my finger on it.

Just know, reading this review may have some sort of spoilers, there are three books previous so, you have been warned I may type something rambling form that will give away its previous books details. 

Ok, lets dive in…. shall we?

First, I love menage relationships. I like seeing them tear apart, the happily ever after scenarios and the ones where one in the trio walks the opposite way, I love them all. The dynamic to me is delicious. With the Confessions Series, Ella Frank really capitalized on the trio actually having their HEA, which was very much needed. More in my opinion, I needed Robbie to find his place, his heart being taken care of because shit, he has my heart, and still does. With this being said, the chemistry between Julien, Robbie and Priest was exquisite. It was a scrumptious masterpiece that during every encounter, their connection could be felt from the pages, and yet still why the lower rating? I will tell you why… Ever since book three, Priest, something lost a touch for me and in reading the fourth installment, it seemed to have continued bleeding through, making the entire storyline less enjoyable.

The Princess, The Prick, & The Priest felt awkward. From start to finish, and believe me when I say, I tried to like it, hell I tried to love it. There were several moments too where I almost thought, wow this is going to be amazing and yet, still left me unsatisfied. During the course of the development for this relationship, we get different tidbits between each one together, or separate or as the actual trio romance, all options delicious. Julien and Robbie have the most insatiable chemistry, I mean seriously, my blood is boiling just thinking about captivating their connection is, but what about Priest? There was a moment in book two, Julien, where Robbie and Priest were in the shower together, without Julien… and wowzer, this is the scene that really made my heart swoon for this dynamic and I wanted more of it. Then here again we see it when these two are in bed together waiting on Julien (you know the scene… you perverts it was yummy) and there was just this passionate connection, and yet once the trio was there it was particularly severed. I get making the trio not being two separate connections, wanting to avoid the jealousy trope, but I honestly felt that many of the romantic dynamics could have been just off set of twos without always the trio being in a shared moment. 

Another factor I disliked, other then the constant disconnections between each chemistry, was that Priest seemed rather out of character for the bigger part of the novel, which I noticed started happening in the third book, Priest, he seemed off. Priest was always the broody, menacing personality, someone who demanded control, he oozed sexual confidence and yet I felt he lacked this factor, the main factor I fell head over heels for him in the first place. I don’t know how else to describe this without giving major spoilers but honestly I had the hugest connection to Priest next to Robbie and I just completely lost it, lost touch with him on every aspect. 

And then lastly, because there are obviously a few more dislikes, I was not sure about the ending. Ick, I know, it was what I wanted, I wanted the happy ending between this beautiful match, and yet something felt awkward. Again there is that damn word. Not once had this entire romance felt awkward until this book, and something about the ending really made this factor even hard for me to enjoy. Maybe even cheesy, it was cute and again I wanted it to end with the three together but the ending I got was, well weird. Especially when I LOVED the bar scene so much. When Nathan showed up and I got the possessive Priest back, and while he and Julien danced with Robbie in the middle – just delicious. But I just…… something was off afterwards. 

Overall, I still stand by my first comments in other reviews, I still admitted it here, I loved the chemistry between this trio. The chemistry was intense, divinely delicious and beyond needed to be devoured. Robbie, Priest and Julien were absolutely amazing characters and their romance, up to this point had been mouthwatering. I am still very much a diehard Ella Frank fan, she has such a beautiful writing style with MM Romances and will follow her to the end of the world, but as much as it kills me to say it, I liked this, but I didn’t like it enough to say this is fourth book I had been dreaming about. I loved aspects of it, dynamics and character dialogue, even parts of the sexual connections and playfulness that I have become obsessed with, but again, wasn’t enough. Here’s hoping the next blows me away, until then it is off to do a reread of Temptation Series because nothing can top Tate and Logan.



5 thoughts on “Review: The Princess, The Prick & The Priest | Confessions Series by Ella Frank”

  1. Great review but I’m sad you didn’t love it as much as I did… I was all crying tears of joy though… I loved all the cheesiness 😃😃😃😃
    And I totally get what you mean about rereading temptations… I tend to do that a lot too because they are amazing 😍😍😍

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    1. Yeah I liked their romance moments, I mean that scene in the bar, the birthday scene, their moments were great but for me it just lacked something that I have grown to love about Ella Frank but I still can’t put my finger on it 🙈 I don’t know … but yes! I loved the three of them and it was definitely an ending I wanted to happen. & I am so happy I am not alone, I flipping LOVED Tate and Logan, nothing has compared to them and I cannot get enough of their romance

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I didn’t even try too hard with this book because I was just too happy they got their HEA 😊😊😊 and it’s too hard not to love the three of them, especially Robbie…. I loved getting little glimpses of Logan and Tate… I always keep thinking what must be going on in their lives now 😜😜😜

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