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Review: Relapse | Sandy Heights by J.P. Nicholas

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I broke his heart. Now I hope he doesn’t break mine back.

Darren Gracen looks even sexier than the day I left him. Oh, and let’s not forget that panty-dropping British accent. Just being around him again is bringing back all the sweet and sinful memories we shared together. Smelling his masculine scent in the same vicinity gets me high and makes my heart flutter.

But he’s not the same man I left behind. There’s a sad, mysterious gleam in his eye. Sure, it could be that he doesn’t trust me anymore. That’s understandable, considering the circumstances of our breakup. But I can’t help but feel that it’s more than that. Like he’s hiding something behind those brooding blue eyes of his.

No matter what it is, I can’t deny it…I still want him.


4 Stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with InkSlingerPR in exchange for an honest review***

Well shits on a stick – this man is giving me hope in second chance romance like no ones business, I swear he has me wrapped around his creatively delicious fingers. I will still admit that Pretend has my heart, and getting glimpses of Hannah and Logan even still made me swoon, but Darren and Aly were definitely something else! 

First let me start by saying I was throw for a doozy, Relapse was definitely not what I was expecting. It took a smidge to get use to, not in a bad way to say the least, but something felt off. I mostly blame Alyssa for this. Right off the bat, Aly breaking things with Darren never settled with me. Not that I should pick sides, but hell who am I kidding, I always swoon for the fictional book boyfriends more anyways. But seriously, the entire chapter one situation left me feeling slightly uneasy, little shifty and quite frankly, the need to beat Aly.

Alright, with that being said, it took a bit to like Aly. There I said, I admit it now. She isn’t the easiest character to adore nor feel sympathy for, as a matter of fact, she deserved that jelly fish incident. But alas, she is an interesting character and slowly but surely I did warm up to her character especially as pieces to the missing puzzle start to really come together about Darren and Aly’s past. She had this fierce fire that I couldn’t help but admire. I enjoyed her drive, even though it ultimately crushed my sweet Darren. And speaking of my sweetness, oh Darren. He really was the bees knees of book boyfriends – I loved his charm. He had this smooth personality that honestly, one that made me drool. 

On top of all of this, their chemistry, oh sweet baby jesus did they have it. Talk about rumple in the sheets, they have this all encompassing, passionate romance that just burned the flame, and quite possibly my loins. And the cue the cuteness levels, seriously could their sexiness get any more adorable? Ugh, and that scene at Logan and Hannah’s wedding – swoon me more please. Darren and Aly are my Sixteen Candles, the Samantha and Jake of Sandy Heights, I swear to you it was perfection.

Basically, in a nutshell, I really enjoyed this read. I have really become a huge fan of Nicholas’s writing style, I will probably follow him to the depths of any writing rabbit hole. Relapse definitely had some pet peeves for me, but nothing that could possibly overthrow my enjoyment. I enjoyed the romance build, the intensity of the passion, the drama was believable and I cannot get enough of Aly and Darren.

For someone who has never been a huge fan of this particular trope, this one is definitely a keeper. Just sign me up for the J.P. Nicholas fan group please and thank you!

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About J.P. Nicolas:

J.P. Nicholas has the great misfortune to be A Male Romance Writer. Turns out, men are also hopeless romantics, given half the chance, and Nicholas’ fascination with love began long before he could write. His parents—high school sweethearts who are still mad for each other—left him enamored with the idea of true love, and its ability to transform and redeem even the most jaded soul. Nicholas lives to capture this magic, lust, and passion on the page; his characters known for their sizzling chemistry and chest-squeezing plot lines.


When J.P. Nicholas isn’t tapping away at his laptop, he can be found in his home state of Florida, binge-watching This Is Us with his girlfriend, or devouring Italian food with his family. His latest novel, Just Pretend, is a friends-to-lovers drama and the first in his new Sandy Heights series, to be released in June.


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