Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Throne of Lies | The Lies Series by Tara Leigh


Star-crossed lovers. A debutante ball. A billion dollar fraud. Manhattan royals turned bitter rivals.

This enemies-to-lovers novella/novel duet will scorch your screens!

I was called a prodigal son. 
A scion of Midas. 

I believed it. Why wouldn’t I? 
Everything my father touched turned to gold. 
The proof was all around me. 

Luxury cars. 
Elite schools. 
A billion-dollar business. 
Even my girlfriend, a Park Avenue Princess. 

I reigned from a throne of lies. 
My fall from grace . . . wasn’t graceful at all.

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary 

***A HUGE, special thank you to Tara Leigh for gifting a copy of Throne of Lies in exchange for an honest review***

Wow. I am beyond beguiled. Everything about this young, star-crossed lovers is wrapped up in such an overwhelmingly powerful yet heartbreaking set of events that just blew me away. Just the writing style of Tara has me smitten, she is absolutely masterful with her ability to create such entrancing dynamic between two characters, the simplicity of their depth is beautifully developed.  

I do not want to go into too much detail, especially considering this is only the prequel, a deliciously masterful novella in it’s own right, but there is enough worth mentioning! I will also admit that if you go into reading Legacy of Lies without reading Throne of Lies, you are truly missing out. This novella really gets your goats going, your heart is pounding, you get connected to the characters right off the bat. 

And speaking of the characters, firstly, we meet the young Jolie Chapman. Young, naive, kind, gentle and thinks the world of her parents, beautiful, even at the young age of seventeen. Then we meet Tripp Montgomery, in college, still young himself, smart, charming and completely smitten with Jolie. They fall fast and hard for one another. I love their romance. It is the insta-love that you know is true, the romance you believe happens once in a blue moon that you wish would have happened to you!

While they were growing closer, they soon realized that their worlds go tumbling. Both their fathers (or so it appears) are involved in a complete scam involving the entire company. Their money, their fortune, their name – everything is crumbling. However in the mist of their crumbling names, they know that they can conqueror all if they stick together. I don’t want to mention what actually happens, though I am sure you can pick up what I might be putting down from a few tidbits but just from my perspective I am definitely curious about the true nature of the deception that is really occurring here. There is definitely intertwining webs, I cannot wait to see everything unravel.

Bottom line, that ending – I am crushed. I feel as if my heart was ripped from my chest, Tara slayed me completely. Everything about that cliffhanger has me questioning everything, though I might have an inkling where things could possibly go from here, I cannot wait to dive into Legacy of Lies. I need that happy ending for our young lovers. I need it damnit.

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