Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Legacy of Lies | The Lies Series by Tara Leigh

LEGACYI was heir to a throne built on lies, my crown forged from corruption.  

Money. Status. Wealth. Power. 
My legacy. 

Jolie Chapman. 
My love. 

All of it—an elaborate illusion. I was stripped of everything I’d been raised to consider my birthright. Including my princess—who wasn’t mine, after all. 

I’ve spent the past decade rebuilding my life, on my own terms. 
Now I’ve returned to Manhattan for redemption, too. 

Jolie wasn’t supposed to be here. 
. . . And I wasn’t supposed to care. 

Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice— 
Who am I kidding? I don’t believe in second chances anymore.

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary 

***A HUGE, special thank you to Tara Leigh for gifting a copy of Legacy of Lies in exchange for an honest review***

Well twist a funky monkey and call me curious George. This series. This series right here slayed me in every way imaginable. I am both incandescently in love and completely overwhelmed by the seer emotional feels from this read. It wasn’t that it was overly sad, or devastating, it was simply that it tugged at something deep, the real emotions that these characters pulled from me was just unreal. I absolutely loved Legacy of Lies

Before I get started I will do a quick warning, mostly for two purposes. For one, Legacy of Lies is book two but can probably be read without reading the prequel Throne of Lies. With that being said, I will try as hard as I possibly can to NOT give away any spoilage, however lets be real, if you haven’t read the prequel and you are reading this review, I will have some type of tidbits that will in fact give away something… so you have been warned – GO READ THE PREQUEL!  

I wish I could say that we start off where we left off, but we don’t, it has been a decade since the ending of our devastating ending. On one spectrum, Jolie believes Tripp ripped out her heart, her father committed suicide after discovering his partner built an entire company of lies, and lawyers dictating her world. Then on the other side, we have Tripp, the love of his life has squashed all hope he has, his father is in prison and he is left picking up the pieces of a ruined name. So where are they? A lot has changed…

Tripp and Jolie have changed so much it is scary, yet so little all the same. Jolie has grown into a beautiful woman, which was expected; she is a beautiful model, smart and travels the world, yet she is still that naive child, at least to me. She trusts too easily, Nina, her stepmother is still in her life which baffles me, a woman who irked me even in the prequel, just saying. Tripp on the other hand probably changed the most, he grew up because he had to, leaving his family behind after everything happened. 

I felt that once they collided it was still rather deceiving, hurtful yet still passionate and much needed. Between their first moments of rekindling that sexual connection, the emotions flooding between them both, I felt that Tripp overshared while Jolie wasn’t prepared however then when Jolie wanted more wasn’t surprised to get that cold shoulder from Tripp. It was like ten years of fights, romancing, swooning, hatred, just everything in a week because they were making up for so much lost time, they needed this conflict, this passion. There was this raw, unfiltered passion between them and at one point, it was almost this unhealthy passion, particularly in one scene because it just felt it was so unfiltered and so hurtful that they both suffered from lost time, so much pain from what their families had caused. If you have read this, you might know what scene I might be talking about, the way Tripp treated Jolie – not unjustified, but seriously, it just chokes at you. 

It was beautifully devastating. 

Overall, I personally really enjoyed Legacy of Lies. Yes, there was a predictability towards the end, as the pieces to the web of deceit started to fall into place but nonetheless this did not in any way deter from my enjoyment. I loved the romance, I appreciated the romance, it is one of the very few second chance romance that I swooned over the way I did, yes it is technically a enemies to lovers trope, but first and foremost, it is second chance romance and it blew me away. I honestly cannot wait to dive into more of Tara Leigh, she will definitely be an auto-buy author. 

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