Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Review: Truth | Sinful Series by Trilina Puccia


It was a tryst. A sin swallowed down by desire. 

That’s what I tell myself. But my body isn’t the only part that aches for him now. 

I sold my soul. Now my heart is a slave to the devil. Dominic King. 

He unveiled the taboo, illuminating my lie and unexpectedly stole my heart. But I walked away. 


Lust is my religion. She became my sanctuary. 

If it’s forgiveness she seeks the price just doubled. And she’ll pay it bound at my feet. I gave her pain for pleasure. Her truth. 

Now I’ll make her beg me for more.

4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during an Instagram Tour with Inkstagrambooktours (InkSlingerPR) in exchange for an honest review***

Well butter me up and call me a biscuit, that was – well shits that was delicious. What do I love more about a good strong female with some witty backbone? An alpha-male to help skyrocket the hotness of the romance colliding between two strong characters. Plus if the sexiness is drool worthy then I am game! All I can muster is a whew I have been dying to get my hands on this new series by Trilina. I am not sure if excitement begins to convey my obsession. 

So lets dive in, shall we? 

Now, before I go into this review you need to understand some things, key elements that I think are important. For starters, this is a novella series, a series that is based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The other pint to this dynamic (which I am drooling over) is that there might be some insta-love factors, Truth in particular is a faster paced, insta-love, erh… insta-lust scenario. If you like some hot chemistry to melt off your panties, quick and dirty, than I highly recommend this series, which I hope my review conveys. But if not, you have been warned. 

Speaking of Seven Deadly Sins… LUST. That is our first stop in what I think is going to be an amazing series. At the beginning we meet Drew, who is on the exterior, on top of her game both professionally and personally. She is tough cookie, then she meets Nick. Quickly we discover he is not the healthy option for Drew, but she finds herself emotionally crippled by trying to please Nick. That is until she meets King. Oh my sweet lanta Dominic King is the bees knees. He is dripping with sex appeal, he radiates it, even from the pages I could feel his broody personality. 

What I like about King and Drew’s dynamic is right from the start, King dominates her with passion without taking away her strengthens as a woman. Instead he enhances them. Sexually, they are compatible, which is something Drew needed in her unstable past. King introduces her to the pleasurable side of pain, being dominate enough to want, to ask. During their sexual connection he allows her to actually speak, which is a powerful thing for a woman. I loved their connection, it was pure, raw emotionally satisfying. 

And since I got ALL that out of the way… who do I think is next? I mean lets see, if I had to be a good picker – I really think Gretchen is next and I am pretty fixated on her being gluttony. Gluttony as in Glutton for punishment for developing feelings for a married man, one who has friend-zoned her. Right? Maybe. Probably not, but it is still fun to guess! 

Give me the next one! I need it!

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