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Release Blitz + Review:The Rival | A Washington Rampage Novel by Megan Green


I’d known Avery Grant was the one for me since the moment she bossed me around on the playground. After over a decade of friendship, I’m still biding my time, waiting for the moment she realizes everything she’s ever wanted is standing right in front of her.

Then one white envelope sends my world spiraling.

A wedding invitation, announcing Avery’s engagement to the one man who could never deserve her: Miles Johnson.

Miles is the worst kind of human — and my biggest rival. Everything I can do, he thinks  he can do better, including being the best rookie pitcher the MLB has seen in decades. But if he makes her happy, who am I to interfere?

But when Avery shows up on my doorstep, devastated and heartbroken from Miles’s betrayal, I can’t help but open my doors for her.

The timing is all wrong, but I won’t miss my shot.

This time, I refuse to strike out.


3 StarsRomance | Contemporary | New Adult

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

As romances go, I can be a pretty harsh when it comes to certain types of tropes – perhaps even a smidge closed minded. One particular I tend to read constantly yet are not my favorite is definitely best friends to lovers. It is something about how the friends progress from that always unhappy friend-zone sector to making the move, because between all that, someone somewhere along the lines there is a character who either realizes what has always been in front of them, or there might be some shifty moments to get to that first kiss. 

But alas, I am a glutton for punishment, I am bound to find all authors that can prove me wrong with this trope, make me a diehard fan out of me yet! The Rival was a little bit of like and dislike, but surprisingly the trope itself did not bother me as much as the overall build of drama, but nonetheless I am decently pleased with this best friends to lovers.

And speaking of the best friends, Carter and Avery. One the one end we have Carter, who is by all means the hero complex with his sweet, kind, very charismatic personality. He is level headed and definitely the more likable character, at least in my opinion. Then we have the beautiful Avery. Avery for me was definitely a sweet, kind character, but she more than on one occasion came across as this vein, perhaps self-centered female lead and even in the mist of that she was overly insecure. Most of this becomes more adamant as her relationship with Carter evolves, but before I get to the actual chemistry, let me dive into more of this – Avery was a bit of back and forth, she made me dizzy with her inner monologue. While she is with Miles, she is constantly talking about how she loves Carter, he is her best friend, she is missing a piece of her life without him there, but yet not once do I see her reach out, not until her world comes crashing down. Then on top of this, this is where the pet peeve develops with these types of tropes… it is Avery who realizes she is missing out on her true love, the one who has always been in front of her face. This happens on many aspects of the dynamic of the budding romance between Carter and Avery. She is jealous of his attention, and one scene particular she makes herself out to be rather vein, self-centered by admitting if Carter had a girlfriend or slept around she would be hurt, yet she was engaged to his arch-rival – just a double standard. 

I did like Avery, I admit that there was a lot about her I did not care about, but I can honestly admit I like her during the romance of Carter. They had a really great chemistry, one that made their friendship easy flowing, as a reader you can actually believe they were each others rock. Once their romance started to jump start, it was pure and simply beautiful, I liked their sweet beginning mixed with the raw, steamy passion between them.

For me though, putting the best friends to lover trope, or even the decently steamy chemistry to the side, the part that really irked me was the actual build of the drama, especially towards the end. There is a moment where Avery is placed in a compromising situation, one she stupidly placed herself in just for the sake of an argument between her and Carter. I get it, we need the drama to aid in the swoon worthy happy ever after ending, but it was just awkwardly placed, definitely weird plot dynamic I felt was overly predictable, and honestly that entire scene could have been removed…

Overall, I enjoyed the novel for what it was worth, it was cute, sweet romance with minimal complexities – it was quick and nicely progressed. Putting my slight pet peeves aside, it didn’t entirely deter my enjoyment of the romance itself, Avery and Carter were the bees knees. I definitely cannot wait to go back and read the first two books in the series! 

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