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Review + Excerpt: Whiskey Sour | River Street Bar Series by Nazara Andrews

Today we are celebrating the release of WHISKEY SOUR by Nazarea Andrews. Whiskey Sour is an adult contemporary romance, standalone novel, and it is the fourth book in the River Street Bar series. Purchase your copy now.

Calvin Landers is a mess.
He has a great job and a steady string of men and women in his bed, and has been in love with the same couple for so long he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t. Coming off fresh heartbreak, he’s ready to move on, to give up on romance and sex altogether and moves in with his best friend, Davis, while he looks for something more permanent and tries to figure out what the hell he’s doing with his life.

Ava Liu isn’t looking for anything more than something to distract her from the book she’s supposed to be translating. Something to distract her from why the hell she’s in River City in the first place. But the boys who share a fence are more than a little distracting and pushy, when they realize just how much Ava needs someone–and how much they all need each other.

Sometimes life happens just when you stop looking.

2 Stars

New Adult | Contemporary | Romance

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with InkSlingerPR in exchange for an honest review***

Who loves them some trio romance? I know I do! Especially M/F/M romances – they tickle my goats.  

Firstly what I enjoyed is that this was told by all three perspectives. When it is a menage relationship, I always enjoy getting a glimpse into all characters in the mix. For me, that allows me to connect more with the romance and their personalities. Unfortunately though, there was a lot of tugs towards my like vs dislike spectrum with this group.

I won’t deny that right off the bat, I preferred Calvin and Davis. I knew going in, this was going to be a feel-show. Both Calvin and Davis were also best friends and roommates during college, so there was already a basis for a relationship there that allowed them to just click. I personally liked how they developed from start to finish. I could tell that Davis was definitely the hero in this relationship, and rightly so, he was definitely charismatic. Normally I do not care for best friends to lovers, but this is definitely one example I can hoenstly say I liked how they both admitted there was always something there but never acted on due to ruining the friendship. 

But what did I not like? Obviously I liked Davis and Calvin – right? 

It wasn’t until Ava (which was right at the beginning mind you) came into play. I didn’t understand how she mixed with Davis and Calvin and to be frank with you, her composition at the start was rather forced with Davis. Like, I didn’t understand how Ava and Davis started their connection then openly geared towards Calvin. Ava just felt forced into Davis and Calvin’s story for the convenience of a menage relationship. I almost felt that this would have been better if Ava was non-existent and the entire Whiskey Sour was Calvin and Davis. 

One thing I did enjoy though between this trio was when the spice started to arise. They ultimately did have chemistry. That bar scene with Ava on the phone – hawt! There was passion, growth and a angle of development that did occur, it just wasn’t enough. 

Overall, this just did not grip me like I thought it would. I loved the Synopsis, it had such an amazing dynamic yet it just did not live up to my expectation. I generally love M/M or M/F/M romance dynamics, but again, there was just too much of one aspect and not enough of the other – it left me rather unsatisfied. 

Though I was not entirely pleased with the overall outcome I do plan to continue following this author. I have enjoyed the River Street Bar Series up to this point and I am curious to see what else is next in store for the characters!


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There’s a man there, in faded jeans and a green henley and a big grin—although, that grin kind of stutters, dips into confused and speculative as he stares at me.

“Uh. This is—I’m looking for 9800 Blackmore Lane?”

I point to the side, where the old Miller house is sitting in all its innocent glory. “I’m 8900. Go bang on the right door.”

He gives me an apologetic smile and wags a coffee at me.

It’s a coffee from Cool Beans Cafe, something I only get when I can talk Kip into grabbing it before she drops in. And that’s rare enough—she has opinions about how much coffee I drink.

“Peace offering?” he says, with a hopeful little smile that shouldn’t be as charming as it is.

I huff and snatch it from him, inhaling the scent. I give a tiny noise, soft and satisfied. Then I blink, because a stranger is still standing on my porch staring at me, bemused.

“Sorry for snapping,” I mumble.

He laughs. “Sorry for being the unobservant dick who woke you up so early.” I smile at that, pleased, and he extends a hand. “Davis Emmerson. I’m moving into 9800.”

“And you don’t know what it looks like?” I say skeptically.

He laughs and blushes, rubbing the back of his neck in the most adorable display of self-conscious embarrassment I’ve ever seen. “Yeah, no. My best friend is moving in first—he came yesterday. He picked the place. I’m just here for the excellent wifi.”

Oh. Interesting.

“Well, I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ll let you get back to your morning.”

“Ava,” I offer shyly and he glances back at me. “My name. It’s Ava.”

A smile slips over his face and he nods. “You should come by tomorrow. I’m making cookies.”

Surprise flickers in his gaze, but he grins as he backs down the stairs. “I will. See you soon, Miss Ava.”

I breathe through the flush on my skin and shut the door as he hits the sidewalk. Then I sit in my favorite chair and slowly savor my coffee, letting my mind drift aimlessly while I do.

It’s only when the coffee is gone and I’ve dressed and done my makeup for the day—it’s only then that I panic.

I have no fucking clue how to make cookies.



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Nazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories.

When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binge watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids.

N is a self-professed geek and enjoys spending her spare time lost in her favorite fandoms and can often be found babbling about them on social media.

She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.



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