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Review: Sire | Beautiful Monsters Volume II by Jex Lane

SIRE“Because love is the easiest way to control someone and I needed a way to control you.” 

Still mending a broken heart, Matthew has spent a year avoiding incubi and their army of hunters. 

Now he has a new goal: lift the shroud on his past. Why had he been turned and abandoned by his sire? Why didn’t he feel the initial bond between sire and child that vampires experience? Who were his parents, and why had they given him up at birth? 

Frustrated by dead ends, his luck changes when a teenage girl tracks him down. She’s strange, socially awkward, and she can see the future. Matthew’s future. She’ll help him if he agrees to save her from the darkness…from Tarrick. 

With the incubi armies closing in, a mysterious protector appears, swearing his fealty to Matthew. He’s ancient, seductive, and cursed—unable to explain why he keeps calling Matthew ‘my prince’.

5 stars

Romance | MM Romance | Dark Fantasy | Paranormal 

Crushed. I am fucking crushed. That is it, that is all I can muster right now. 

Seriously, SIRE broke me in every way imaginable and when it wasn’t bringing down my soul in agonizing tears it was lifting me up in the seer swoonage. After the emotional cliffhangers in CAPTIVE, I was looking forward to where Matthew would go. New developments continued to slam across his lap, leading more questions than answers. It was mind blowing. 

So what happens this round that made everything top CAPTIVE? Easy. And I will try to do this as ‘spoiler’ free as humanly possible… just know I want to word vomit all over everyone now and just tell you all the juicy details, but where would the fun be in that? 

Here we are again my sweet Matthew, only this time we are free. Matthew is on the path to discover his Incubus linage and hopefully discovering the true identity of his vampire Sire. Like him, I want to know what the hell is going on. I personally swoon for Matthew. My heart bleeds for him. At the beginning he is still in a huge amount of pain, Tarrick is still fresh on his mind, especially with the collar still tight around his neck as a reminder of the past time in captivity. It is rough start and things continue to get rougher.

Probably my biggest obsession was Matthew’s growth and character dynamic that panned out in SIRE. Even though I would have pegged him to be more solo act, he seems to surround himself with a random family of sorts. An Oracle (Samantha) who is cute as a button, Jet who is a gargoyle that acts more like a dog-like companion, and Devak – the strange new comer who is a guardian, powerful and yet submissively seductive towards Matthew. SO MANY THINGS TO DROOL OVER! This is what I needed to see as a reader, I needed to see some sort of happiness for Matthew. 

Speaking of Devak. Oh my lanta, sweetly strong, mysterious and powerful blood guardian, Devak. He stole my heart. Man I feel like I will be saying that a lot in this series, but honestly I cannot help it. Devak is such a pivotal character dynamic in Matthews free world. Not only uncovering more about Matthew’s past, which I am on the edge of my seat as we are discovering more details, but as a lover. Devak is interesting too, to say the least. Where Tarrick was rough, guarded, and though I still retain I believe Tarrick shared feelings for Matthew, he nonetheless broke Matthews’ heart, tore it into pieces and Devak is not only protecting Matthew, he seemingly putting back the pieces ever so gently. Honestly I just felt like Devak had so much momentum to Matthew’s character growth. 

Devak and Matthew were such amazing coupling too. After the torturous moments Matthew endured previously, to see him finally be treated as a worthy man, it was intensely beautiful. I still secretly wonder if Tarrick will play out more into this new development or if his storyline has been outplayed in ways, but I honestly hope for some type of trio action. I’m sorry Devak, I love you but Tarrick – I still feel there is more there. 

And lets not forget the amazing secondary, or rather supporting characters. I have to admit too, I can’t really call anyone secondary, even to Matthew. Every character just fit in perfect placement of each other, developing the storyline rather than over shadowing it – this is why Jex Lane is a goddess amongst authors. Every character just has such an amazing complextiy, just depth to them that nothing is the same. Everyone has a story to tell. Samantha and Hiroto are definitely a fan favorite of mine. The awkwardly naive attitude that Sam brings to the story simply brightens the mood in darkness that surrounds Matthew. Then you have Hiroto – his foxy ways are just amusing in every aspect. I look forward to more of him.

So why am I crushed? Especially if everything I said above should leave nothing but happiness swimming around in my speckled heart… because all good things must come to an end during a war. Between the tactical moments to bring on Matthew’s rage, killing more than imaginable, the carnage he can lay down in a singly moment is deafening. He is truly a weapon… makes my mouth water. But that isn’t the devastation. There are moments where, as the reader, you see foreshadowing in the mix, one that ticks in the back of your mind that something is building. Between the lies and curses it is hard to understand what is really happening until it happens and does it put a knife in my back. As I neared the end of the domino effect that Matthew explored throughout SIRE to get answers to his ever growing pile of questions, it still brings tears to my eyes. I just can’t handle the emotional crippling of this moment. That ending. Crushed doesn’t even encompass the entire moment my heart broke.

Jex Lane slays me, body and soul, she has seeped her claws into my heart, tugging relentlessly as I get ready to dive into BROKEN. I mean, I don’t know if I am entirely ready for what can possibly happen next. Matthew is completely shattered and honestly I don’t know if my heart can bare it any longer. 

I said it before and I will say it again, if you love Paranormal Romances with endless lust, deceit, problematic emotions, then this is the series for you. I am absolutely entranced with the writing style, the flow of the back story alone has been soaring through the sky in envy and the character dynamics are just flawlessly deliciously. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this series – simply perfection in every aspect. 

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