Dystopia, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult


The end is near—and I’m fated to save humanity.

I’m feared, yet revered. The presidents are leery of me, but I’ve read the files. And I know the truth—at least, I think I do. And I’m the one who is going to tell the clones. They deserve to know.

Michael and I have been forced to fight, to kill. We’ll do anything to keep our daughters safe and free. But we can’t do it alone. There’s a rumor about a secret society eager for battle… and we’re going to find them. Help them end the government’s corruption.

It’s my duty, my calling as the first mother of the new world I want to create.

This started with me, and that’s where it’s going to end.

4 Stars

Science Fiction | Dystopian | Young Adult | Romance

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with InkSlingerPR in exchange for an honest review***

Well shits kiddos, that was a bumpy ride! I will admit I was happy yet sad to see this series end and more importantly I struggled a bit with my rating. I know, it is crazy – there is a lot to love about this series. Though it was a far-fetched, exaggerated plot I still stand by my previous comments, that is what fiction is and it was a damn good though process. I thoroughly enjoyed where Thompson was taking this series between the backbone of the overall storyline and the characters. 

I was really pleased to see once again Cassie shined more as a female heroine. I was afraid going into RELEGATION that she might digress to what her personality was like in MIRROR X, but surprise surprise she was still a strong, badass worthy character. I like how she was willing to save humanity while being a free individual, not compromising herself or her happiness. Michael – well finally Michael semi redeemed himself in my eyes… sort of. He still irks me, his personality just bothers me and though the chemistry between Cassie and him feel off set, I still rather enjoyed their overall dynamic. That sounds like a contradiction but I promise it isn’t! Though I understand they have this romantic entanglement, one that I felt didn’t mesh entirely, I overall enjoyed their partnership and how it revolved around the plot development.  

One of my biggest pet peeves, one that almost made me go down in the review was there was this lingering pace issue and plot holes I continue to see in each book, however it was push-pull for me in the enjoyment department as more scenarios were added. At many points there was a new threat that came into the mix with very little evolution, yet the playout of these moments were still throttling to your heart rate. They were enjoyable, yet random – make sense? Ugh, I am tempted to put a spoiler, but I shall not! I will say there were just interesting twists and turns that at points seemed useless yet played out in an intriguing fashion. 

Overall, I really enjoyed a lot about this series. RELEGATION was a decent ending for the series. The backbone of this series was phenomenal, I loved the basis for the idea of everything and the characters had their intriguing qualities. I do however feel, that though I am satisfied with the ending, there were points that I felt Thompson missed out wasted potential. Missing depth on dynamics, plot holes on scenarios that could have been explored more. 

Though that is my personal opinion, it did not deter my enjoyment in the least bit. I really liked where the characters ended up, how things tied around to a degree was… well satisfying.I look forward to seeing what is next for Karri Thompson. 

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 About Karri Thompson

Award-winning author Karri Thompson, a native of San Diego, California, grew up hanging out at the beach, playing sports, and eventually attending San Diego State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in education. When she’s not nerding out at San Diego Comic-Con or watching Star Wars and The Lord of the Ring’s movies for the umpteenth time, she can be seen doing normal people stuff like cooking delicious meals for her family (she attributes all her culinary skills to the Food Network) and watching her son’s football games. In her spare time, she writes young adult and new adult fiction (new adult under the name Kalli Lanford) and loves listening to hard rock music and going to concerts. She hopes to live long and prosper, and that you will, too.

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