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Review: From the Baroness’s Diary | Happily Ever Afters by Cristiane Serruya

I’ve been trying to get away from one man, I didn’t think I’d end up with three.

I flee my abusive husband and travel to Italy to find Salvatore Di Luca, my long-lost love.

But the moment I set foot in Sicily, my life takes an unexpected turn: I meet Enzo, a dominant, broken-hearted man, and we connect at first sight. I couldn’t have imagined he is Salvatore’s elder brother and that they have a younger brother, Angelo, who thinks he is damaged for life.

It’s more than a trip. It’s a life-time journey.

All three of them want me and I want to heal their tortured souls and broken hearts. Before I even realize what is happening, we are entangled. Yet I am still married and the darkness of my past comes crashing down on us sooner rather than later, threatening more than our happiness.

But I won’t go down without a fight—and neither will my Harem—because my journey won’t be complete until forever belongs to the four of us.

If you are a fan of a romantic Reverse Harem Romance, you will love this scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy story which involves three alpha Italian knights who will do anything for their baroness—ops, their Principessa. Buy this quick-blush, perfect bedside read by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya now!

Please note that this book might covers sensitive topics to some readers.


2 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Erotica | Menage 

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with InkSlingerPR in exchange for an honest review***

Who doesn’t like a good erotic Reverse Harem trope? I am generally more geared towards them when I really need something to spice up my mindset – more so than normal. With that being said, this is my first Cristiane Serruya novel ever and I gotta say, I am on the fence. I definitely want to check out more of her work, I honestly think this one just did not click for me…

Told from multiple perspectives, first Chloe, then Salvatore – her long lost love and later we see his brothers, Enzo (oldest) and Angelo (youngest) join the mix of perspectives. So here is your first warning, if you do not like menage type relationships, this will be a hard stop already, but if you do not like siblings sharing love interest – definitely stop. I personally…. meh, doesn’t really bother me as long as there is a level of depth and reasonable connection between the chemistry dynamics of all characters. 

Honestly this is what stopped me from actually enjoying majority of the novel. I liked Chloe but something about her personality irked me – she was free but there was no layers to understand her sexual appetite. She confused me greatly with her back and forth. One scene she is enticed with the possibility of having multiple lovers or finding another man attractive to tame her sexual beast within, yet on the other spectrum she calls herself a slut and belittles herself. I want the fictional female in the midst of a mind-blowing delicious erotic setting to embrace her sexual powerless and enjoy it. 

Unfortunately from here, things do not turn for the better, at least for me. I really enjoyed her connection with Enzo, yet their inner monologue was awkward, almost as awkward as their love making. With Salvatore it seemed more natural, yet still felt disconnected from even their attraction. Don’t even get me started on the triangle that is Angelo – it just did not fit. There was no personality, no complexity to any of the characters for me to envision. 

I will admit that I did like where the story progressed, it wasn’t pointless plot I just felt that overall could have had more depth or build between certain aspects. Even the actual erotica scenes were a little short of any luster I wanted to feel. There was kissing, there was fucking, but there wasn’t a level of sexual development that I personally drool over in erotica. To put it bluntly – there was no foreplay. It was a ‘stick it, dump and done’ process in the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind sexual interactions with zero foreplay, the primal need of the characters needing to connect, it is that passion I definitely enjoy in the romance world, but because Chloe was such a sex kitten she was constantly begging to be fucked and only fucked. Zero build, zero foreplay to aid in my dirty fantasies.

She was surrounded by three handsome men – you are telling me all you do for foreplay is a little finger action for two seconds and a blow job? Obviously I am a pervert, but again this was rather tame for my tastes, or rather it was more so tame than my expectations were going into From the Baroness’s Diary.

Overall, this lacked a lot of luster for me. The synopsis had the appeal of greatness, unfortunately there was no expectation met on how I thought this would play out. In terms of erotica genre, it was rather tame sexual connection and the chemistry was too much insta-love for me to really connect with the dynamics of the relationship. I just didn’t feel the drive with the novel or the characters. 

I definitely want to check out other works from this other – I am sure it is just simply this series that I just could not connect with. Here’s hoping! 

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Get your hands on the first ten chapters of FROM THE BARONESS’S DIARY III and some delicious recipes from Cristiane Serruya here!

Want to catch up on some of Chloe’s earlier adventures for free?


An erotic, funny tale of a young woman in search of love.

At the tender age of 18, Lady Chloé de La Fleur was married off to 40 year-old Baron Beardley, a wealthy English peer, and taken away from the whirlwind of Paris and London societies to live in a forsaken manor way out of Warwickshire.

Young, beautiful, and voluptuous, the Baroness finds that in Beardley Manor innocent flirtations can become erotic sex escapades.

And soon Lady Chloe’s diary pages are filled with her adventures—and misadventures!
If you are a fan of the romantic Misadventures Series and Calendar Girl, you will love this scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy romance. The Erotic Escapades of Baron Beardley’s Wife is the first installment of The Diaries Series, a quick-blush, perfect bedside read collection by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya!

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About Cristiane Serruya

USA TODAY and Amazon bestselling romance author Cristiane Serruya—or just Cris—is Brazilian and lives in Rio de Janeiro, with her husband, two teenage daughters, and Loki, her Shetland Sheepdog. She has studied in England, France, Italy, and Switzerland and graduated in Law, with a Master’s in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts. In 2012, she published her first romance, and is proud of the awards her novels have received. She still works as a lawyer, but writing has become an essential part of her life, and a fulfilling adventure, as it allows her to make friends all over the world.

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