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Release Blitz + Excerpt + Review: Miss Demeanor by Beth Rinyu

Spoiled. Privileged. Brat.

What others saw as entitled, I saw as standards, and mine were high, especially when it came to men. The boys I wasted time on in college were now a thing of the past. I was setting my eye on the real deal: Rich, successful, nice looking, good personality preferred—but not required. I had it all figured out, I’d live off my family’s good fortune as I waited for my wealthy Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet. That was until my father decided to come up with his own ridiculous plan: Move to New York City (good)
Take a job at a magazine owned by one of his friends (bad)
Cut me off financially after three months (worse)

All out of options, I headed to the East Coast to start my job. Feeling much like a princess being thrown into court with the commoners, I intended to fail, and fail miserably—that was until I was given an office with a view and my own advice column. Suddenly, working for a living wasn’t so bad after all…except for him. Obnoxious, boorish, rude…take your pick. He was the exact opposite in my quest for Prince charming—except for nice looking and good personality not required. He hated me the moment he laid eyes on me and was determined to make my life a living hell whenever I was in his company. Little did he know, he had no idea who he was up against, I planned on matching his animosity toward me in ways he never imagined. But the funny thing was, the more he got under my skin, the closer he was getting to my heart, making me reassess the girl I once was and focus on the girl I wanted to become. 


Romance | New Adult | Contemporary | Comedy

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during blog tour with Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

What do I like? I like romcom novels. Any kind of romance novel where I am not in a choke-hold of tears  am aiming to find something that will make me laugh viciously. What else do I like to see in romance novels? When the woman is the over-confident jerk and the man is more so our damsel with a smidge of cocky. 

Beth Rinyu definitely delivered on that avenue with Miss Demeanor. Rose and Alex have an intriguing balance with their personalities. Both charming, stuck-up, cocky in their own right kind of personalities. But where they kind venture into different spectrum’s is how they react to each other. Rose really walks with her head held high, she looks down on everyone, mostly because she was raised with that level of self-confidence, but where she is like this, she is also a bratty, self-centered twat of a female lead. Normally I like this, I like female leads to be a little overly something, but Rose takes the cake – to the point where she ventures into annoying and even inferior. 

Alex on the other hand is lovable yet dislikable. Where he complains how Rose acts towards people, he is also condescending as well, he does the exact same thing to Rose. Granted not without reason due to some troubling issues in past relationships, but still he is so clouded by his vanity, just as Rose is, that they really clash. 

Even though their personalities irk me, their relationship and connection is really fierce and passionate. Once they really start diving into the physical and emotional dynamic of their relationship, they really start shining as more believable characters. I liked their transition from hatred bickering to romantic banter. 

Overall this was an entertaining read – I chuckled throughout majority of the novel. The bickering and shenanigans between Rose and Alex was hilarious. Though my biggest issue was the predictability of the drama plus the overly exaggerated scenarios between the couple, at many occasions just felt forced with an unnatural plot flow. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the their opposite attraction but it was very much over the top. Plus the constant heart to hearts that seemed to feel more or less pointless to the development of the relationships more to place an additive on the convenience to create my drama… just overkill. 

For my first Beth book, I definitely liked a great deal about it; dare I say I plan to continue scooping her out in the future. 


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“So, Alex, have you thought of any ideas on how to incorporate the female staff into being a part of Him?”

All eyes were on him as he picked his head up from whatever he was paying attention to on his phone. I impatiently waited for his answer, knowing how much he didn’t want for this to happen. “Actually, I have.” He was upbeat with his reply, not at all what I was expecting.

“Okay, let’s hear it.”

“I was thinking about having them do something that’s the exact opposite of what they would normally do and then write an article on the experience.”

“Such as…” Mr. Andrews waited for him to elaborate.

“Like Laurie hates sports, so maybe have her go with Keith when he’s covering a game and write about the experience.”

“I like that idea. What are your suggestions for some of the other women?”

He cleared his throat. “I, umm haven’t really thought about it. I wanted to bounce the idea off you first and see what you thought about it.”

“I love it.” Mr. Andrews adjusted his glasses and looked my way. “What would you suggest having Rose do for her article?”

My face heated when I sensed all eyes on me. I dropped my head and stared at the table, just imagining what horrible adventure he was conjuring up. Skydiving. Fire juggling. Swimming with sharks. The possibilities were endless.

Author Bio

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen – or in today’s world a touch of the keyboard. I love creating deep characters who you will love or love to hate.

My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? My happy place is a seat by the ocean with my feet in the sand or on the busy streets of New York City. You will more than likely find one of these places as the setting for most of my books,

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my books and me! If you decide to read them (and I hope you do!) please be sure to go on and review it for me – yes, even if you don’t like them!

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