Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: End Game | Dawson Family Series by Emily Goodwin

END GAMEGetting pregnant was the last thing Quinn thought would happen. But now Quinn’s focus is to start the family Archer’s always wanted. The hard part should be over, right? 


Ghosts from the past begin to surface. No matter how hard they try, the universe seems to have other plans that threaten to tear Archer and Quinn apart.

Archer will not let the one thing he always wanted slip through his fingers. As events unfold, Archer finds himself going to lengths he never thought possible. After all he’s done to keep Quinn…will he lose her anyway?

END GAME is book two in The Dawson Family Series and concludes Quinn and Archer epic love story.

4 Stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during an Instagram Tour through Inkstagram Tours in exchange for an honest review***

Well tickle my pickle comrades, I have been waiting ‘not so‘ patiently for the sequel of Cheat Codes – why? Because hell I needed more of Archer and Quinn and I needed it now. So when End Game hit my kindle you better believe your bottom dollar I was quick to make some quiet time to dive right in!

Please be aware that I am obviously going to be as vague as humanly possible, I know no one wants random spoilage but I am going to warn you. If you have not read Cheat Codes then you should probably stop reading this review because regardless of me not out right giving spoilers, because this is a duet there is going to be some level of reveal. So if you don’t want to know…. you have been warned, move on to something else.

Whew – now lets get started.

Starting right where we left off, Archer’s brother made an unexpected visit with a bang, no pun intended, putting a little bit of danger drama in the romance works for Quinn and Archer. On top of this factor Quinn is still dealing with her brother (and soon to be sister-in-law) not accepting the relationship – finding it somewhat a betrayal. So before I jump start into my favorite aspects, mostly being the cuteness that is Archer and Quinn, let me digest the secondary characters, because there is a smidge that bothers me. 

Let me just say how much I cannot, and will not stand for Dean and Kara. As Archer and Quinn are still finding their footing in the relationship plus the unexpected additive (BABY ALERT) to their dynamic, things are rough and needing Dean’s support was a huge factor for our couple. For starters, Dean acts like a twatwaffle. There I said it, I admit it. Though I tried my damnest to be a sympathetic reader for his cause it just became more and more adamant that he was a childish little nugget. The way he talks, treats the couple is quite honestly distasteful. On top of Dean’s childish behavior we add in his wife-to-be which makes my distastes turn to loathe for both Dean and Kara. Some of the things that were said, acted on were annoying to me. And honestly if I had been Quinn I would have thrown a punch to the jugular. 

Keep in mind I understand that the dynamics between Dean and Kara verses Archer and Quinn were in place because family drama always adds the spice of life in a romance drama, but at many points it became rather annoying developments. I found myself skim reading this situations because I could not wrap my mind around the drama; it wasn’t bad but for me and how it played out just made Quinn seem inferior or rather overly nice when I would have liked to see it develop differently. 

Now that I have said my piece with the secondary characters, lets move on to all the goodness that makes me love this duet…

There isn’t much I do not like about Archer and Quinn. Honestly their relationship is both sweet and delicious. Probably my favorite factor is how the growth of their feelings and connection really had substances built in. Not only does Goodwin attribute Quinn’s childhood crush but also the fact that Archer too has always had a bit of a sexual crush on our young Miss Quinn. It wasn’t like boom, Quinn grew up and Archer finally realized, nope more like Archer manned up and said, yeah I’m going to let that one climb me like a tree. There is tension, resistance and above all they respect one another, they make each other laugh and they know how to get each other’s goats worked up. 

Also the believability about their situation really made me connect well with their love story. The distance, the evolution of their career yet trying to find a balance between themselves to commit for their unborn child. It was relatable, and it was perfection. 

Definitely perfection. The ending just struck a nerve that made me head over heels in love. Emily has stolen my soul. I need more. Not only was Archer and Quinn just as cute as can be, their romance was really entertaining, everything flowed with perfection and I cannot help but gush for how Goodwin developed one of my favorite tropes – LOVED IT

I cannot wait to see what is next especially considering I get the scrumptious Weston. Oh my lanta, bring on the single dad romance please and thank you! 

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