Wrap Up

2018 July Wrap Up


Oooggily mooooggily my furry friends, July was one hell of a reading month for me. Not only did I knock out several series, I found myself completely obsessed with new authors. 

Not only was I oddly surprised by my fascination with M/M Romance this month, but that Ella Frank blew me away. For obvious reasons I needed to continue the Temptation series but then had to dive into the worlds of her other characters that I just – ugh – I cannot stop gushing with how much in love with her writing style and character dynamics. 

Because I read too much romance porn though I feel like my August TBR goal should be to actually read my TBR while also reading other genres that are collecting dust. But regardless of always seeming to stick to my romance porn, I had a great reading month! I read about 30 books and a few rereads. Thirty seems to be a good number for me. 


5 stars

4 stars

3 stars

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