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Review: Young Love by Alyson Santos

Young Love Ebook CoverSometimes you need to let yourself fall…

Recently divorced Sienna Porter has the life she’s supposed to. A house, career, even a hot young contractor working upstairs to distract her. At thirty-eight, she’s entitled to a little fun (according to her best friend, anyway).

Pain, though— it’s so clever in the way it infects hope and poisons happiness. 

Jace Beckett should be flying high. Talented, driven, and disciplined, he’s far beyond his twenty-three years. He’s used to the game, the attention his looks and highly trained body get from women. Doesn’t mean he likes to play.

Doesn’t mean his own secrets aren’t intent on tearing him down.

It’s just a fling. Sexy. Temporary. It’s not supposed to last. It’s not supposed to transform into love. It’s certainly not supposed to become the air you breathe and everything worth fighting for.

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with Give Me Books Promotions in exchanged for an honest review***

Seriously. Wow. I cannot get over how much I really enjoyed Young Love. I am utterly and incandescently head over heels in love with this novel. I devoured… no, I inhaled everything about this novel. The romance, the absolute truth about the entire situation, the characters; it was phenomenal and yet painfully realistic. 

Sienna is beautiful. She is everything to me. I don’t know if it is because I am thirty-one and thinking about myself, my life, I have this reliability towards her personality that has me completely beguiled by Sienna. The sarcasm, the sweetest compassion towards people yet utterly insecure, her self-confidence it lacking and as a reader you cannot help but sympathize towards her. And who can blame her, between fake friends, overly vindictive mother and a little turd of an ex-husband. She gets pushed, Sienna lost her voice and honestly it is Jace who helps her discover it. 

Speaking of which, we have the scrumptious Jace. Everything about Jace completely blows me away. His personality is just strong, passionate, he has this compassion that makes my heart sore. Gosh he is just mentally and physically strong individual and it really reflects as the storyline progresses. He has a troubling situation, one that at many times as the reader your heart just beats for his pain. Jace may appear in many situations weak or troubled but honestly he is nothing short of impregnable with a dash of invulnerability. 

In the midst of all their personal conflicts, Sienna and Jace come to this point of need. What starts out as this mutual respect, sort of friendship in a mere moments of meeting, there is definitely an instant connection.  A sexual attraction that really fires up the pages. I cannot get over their chemistry. Sienna at many points struggles, she has a huge hindrance towards their age factor. After Joe, her ex-husband, left her she doesn’t feel adequate especially when she sits in her head thinking to herself – she is not good enough, Jace will leave too… That thought, that insecurity that lack of self confidence is crippling. Yet Jace pushes her, he doesn’t believe in the word “can’t“, which in turns really allows Sienna to grow, become herself and embrace her life. 

They simply bring out the best in one another and that is a beautifully powerful thing. 

And those secondary characters! UGH – between the Sienna’s circle of people down to Jace’s circle my head is spinning, and not in a bad way. Every individual has this substance, this element that overall added towards their relationships and really developed the dynamic of the drama. Honestly the secondary characters played such a pivotal role in Sienna and Jace’s growth. Starting where they did from chapter one through to the end – amazing. 

Everything – everyone just flowed. 

Bottom line I cannot gush enough over Young Love. The romance between Sienna and Jace was such an amazingly stunning dynamic, one that I cannot get over. The raw emotions, the chemistry that flares between them is riveting. Overall what I loved most was that even with the romance being the obvious romance but the growth of the characters – it cannot be measured. 

I cannot recommend this enough. The laughs, the tears, the nail-biting, gut wrenching moments that had me choking the sobs, down to the heart swoonage that is everything. It is official, Alyson is definitely winning her way into my heart, I need more of her!

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