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Review: ROBBIE | Confessions Series by Ella Frank

ROBBIERelationships are complex.
Love ever-changing.
And when it comes to rules of the heart,
they were made to be broken…

That’s what Robert Antonio Bianchi was telling himself, anyway.
Otherwise, he really had no excuse for what—or who—he’d done.

No excuse, except for his lonely heart, a pitcher of margaritas, four Bitter Bitches, and the apparent need to confess all his weaknesses to the two men he knew would bring him nothing but trouble.

But trouble was nothing new.

Just ask his crazy sisters or any of his friends, and they’d be the first to tell you:
If there was a bad decision to be made, Robbie always had a knack for making it.

And thus begins the story of the priest, the princess, and the prick.

5 stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Erotica | Contemporary | MMM Romance

It would be a seer understatement for me to express how excited I was to find out there was a spin-off series of my favorite secondary character from the Temptation Series – the lusciously flamboyant Robbie. Oh my lanta comrades I was positively elated. Yes. I admitted it. I needed to see Robbie in the flesh, with is overwhelmingly delicious personality and sexed up antics.

Not only did I get my wish, for one getting Robbie in his own solo series, but his story has me all in an emotional tizzy. Why? because his story involves the one, the only cocky, arrogant jerk off, Joel Priestly, the newest partner to Mitchell & Madison but also Priest’s husband, Julien ‘The Prick’ Thornton. Whew. I know. Didn’t see that one coming did we? I mean honestly, when Priest was introduced early on in TEASE, there was an obvious tension between him and Robbie that I was hoping would turn into something, but when Priest introduces his husband, Julien near the end of TRUE, I was floored.

That is right comrades. This is going to be one hell of a shit show in all the most delicious ways possible.

Firstly I need to admit one thing because I won’t lie – going into the first book of the Confession Series, ROBBIE, I was worried. Ball sweating, heart pounding kind of worried, nervous for my beloved Robbie. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the entire relationship dynamic. Not because I don’t care for Polyamorous relationships, honestly I find them intriguing, but in the romance genre world sometimes they do not always live up to my expectations. Having this dynamic can be tricky – putting a damper on either the romance chemistry building itself, creating unnecessary drama or somewhere, somehow something or someone will get drowned out.

You can see where I might be going with this. My issue was with worry that because Priest and Julien are married, and they have been for several years at this point; they have depth, trust and this level of emotional and physical connection between the two that how would Robbie play in this mix? Especially considering his past relationships – hardcore crush on the now married man, Logan plus the small detail of his ex-lover Nathan who dealt him a shitty hand… your damn right skippy I was worried for Robbie. I wanted Robbie to have just as much happily ever after as the others.

But surprise surprise – I was blindsided and Ella Frank delivered a smashingly beautiful romance.  I was worried for no damn reason.

Not only does Julien and Priest want to BOTH date Robbie, they want him to be a fixture in their lives completely in many ways, not just sexually, but emotional and mentally. At first it had this cryptic feel to how Priest kept Robbie at somewhat of a distance, but as the lustful encounters became more steamy, the feelings stronger, the conversations deeper it became adamant where this romance was leading. Not once was there a jealous action, argument or tussle between the threesome. They were balanced. They enjoyed each other in separate ways yet completed this bond with trust and respect that was utterly perfect. Robbie was definitely there to enrich their marriage, becoming apart of everything they already were.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very positive there will be some sort of drama that comes into effect, especially considering that Priest and Julien on more than one occasion have baggage, they have a history they are worried to involve Robbie in but both seem to want to be madly in love with Robbie. I can see that at a point that possibly something will come into the mix with this. Robbie does have insecurities which I think might also play a pivotal role on how the dynamic of their threesome really comes to a climax. My only hope is that it does in fact end in a beautifully, heartfelt romance, one where each party in the relationship is beyond in love, incandescently consumed by one another.

And you didn’t think I would close this out without mentioning this did you? Besides I need a break from the possibility of my ovaries overheating but seriously, Logan is back for more. Can I just say post-honeymoon Logan Mitchell is flipping adorable. The shock of him seeing Robbie and Priest together was  priceless. Then his break out alpha-momma bear reaction for Robbie was amazingly hilarious. I cannot wait to see what more Logan offers to this friendship and pining for Tate’s reaction – need it now! 

Bottom line – I am in love. Ella Frank really set the bar high for me on the expectations for the Confessions Series. Her ability to create such steam filled, melt off your seat scenes between three fictional characters with the most rawest form of emotional dynamics that just takes my breath away. On the edge of my seat, flipping aimlessly page by page to figure out what is happening next. I cannot wait to dive into book two, JULIEN and see what is next in store for my new favorite couple.


5 thoughts on “Review: ROBBIE | Confessions Series by Ella Frank”

  1. Wonderful review… I recently binge read both Robbie and Julien and I have to agree with you, that I didn’t expect them to be so good. The dynamic between the three characters is just wow… And this is from me who hasn’t read the Temptations series…
    I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on Julien as well … it gives a great insight into his issues and backstory and I hope you enjoy it a lot 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I personally loved the Temptations series but The Confession Series is really amazing and is just as amazing I absolutely love the relationships. & thanks! I just think the dynamic between the three men was phenomenal and very well balanced with the right amount of romance – I loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree about the right amount of balance in their relationship… and how much the three come to care for each other.. it’s very sweet and emotional..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think so… I’m already so excited for Priest… I think it’s gonna be very angsty but u’ll know that once you finish Julien 😜😜😜

        Liked by 1 person

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