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Review: Rancher’s Dream | The Montana Cahills Series by B.J. Daniels

RANCHERS DREAMA bride becomes a target in New York Times bestselling author B.J. Daniels’s latest can’t-miss suspense

Tragedy sent Deidre “Drey” Hunter running from rancher Hawk Cahill and into the arms of a sleek businessman who promised her a new life. But dreams of Manhattan days and cosmopolitan nights shatter when he brings her back to an ultramodern paradise in her hometown of Gilt Edge—and vanishes on their wedding night.

Taunted by seclusion and silence, Drey starts to doubt everything…including her sanity. Only Hawk, the stubborn cowboy from her school days, believes the threats are real and that someone is ready to kill. But is he willing to forgive the past if it means ending her nightmare?

4 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | Adult Romance

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour through TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review***

Oh my lanta have I found yet another author to binge read? Yes comrades I do believe I have! I am completely blown away, I am in love! This was one of those fast paced, really feel good swoonage kind of reads that makes me love romance genre. 

I have a few confessions too… while we are at it! Firstly I went into this thinking I would get nothing but a full on cowboy swoon romance, which I would definitely not complain about, but this novel honestly blindsided me. The romantic suspense of the characters, their dynamics and the budding plot dimensions was refreshing, it was such an amazing read. At many points it wasn’t just Drey questioning her sanity but honestly me – the entire build was creep yet utterly satisfying. And when I wasn’t questioning the unraveling insanity that was the suspenseful driven storyline of Rancher’s Dream, I was swooning for the couple. 

Though I LOVED their romance, there was a bit of a point I have to admit it lacked a flare for me that I would have really enjoyed seeing. Because this is a second romance, one with high school sweethearts there wasn’t much in the way of their past. Something I would have really liked to have explored. Don’t get me wrong, it is there but it is slightly vague and there is just a missing sort of essence that I think should have been added to really help aid in the growth of not only the entire plot but the romance itself between Hawk and Drey. They were so sweet and caring, just connected and I think more of their past would have been even better. 

Not only did I fall head over heels in love with Drey and Hawk, but it was also the secondary characters who really topped the cake for me. There were such amazing supportive characters that flowed well with the dynamics of the plot and our couple. Nothing was overshadowed nor did they overwhelm the romance. It just… meshed.

I mean honestly… holy nuggets comrades this was a really great read. I enjoyed every minute of it. This is definitely one for the recommendations. If you enjoy complex situations, slow build with a suspenseful air about your romance this is definitely up your alley. Drey and Hawk were absolutely stunning characters, I cannot gush enough about their chemistry, their trust and respect as the plot thicken around them – it was really beautiful. 

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