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Review: TRUE | Temptation Series by Ella Frank

TURETrue – adjective: That which is accurate or exact.

I dare you to try.
I think you’re my truth.
Terrify me.
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me…

Four years ago, Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and challenged him to see it differently.

He dared Tate to try a kiss, when normally he wouldn’t have.
He begged him to take a chance, when he probably shouldn’t have.
But most importantly, he asked Tate to trust that he would love him, and he did. From that moment on, Tate realized exactly what his life had been missing—Logan.

Happily-ever-afters come in many different forms. But for Tate Morrison, there’s only one ending he wants. The one where the guy marries the guy and true love conquers all.

Now all he has to do is tell Logan.

Join Logan and Tate as they finally realize what the rest of us knew all along. That they belong together for better or worse—always.

5 stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Erotica | Contemporary | MM Romance

This is going to be a bittersweet moment for me…. it has finally come to the end – officially. I don’t know if I am entirely ready to admit that I am not fully prepared to let this couple go. The connection I have to this series is just surreal.

But of course, all good things must come to an end… and what a phenomenal ending I got from Ella Frank.

Jumping into TRUE, Tate and Logan are at the pinnacle point of their relationship where the foundation of everything they have built is completely unbreakable. They have this strong connection on such an emotional, mental, physical and verbal dynamic that I am completely envious of this fictional couple. They fight, argue yet find a common ground to move past the conflicts, the emotional tugs are perfection, such relatable scenarios. Not to mention their chemistry – oh my lanta. The fire, the passion they drive for one another is melt off your seat delicious. They consume one another, every lickable corner is not left untouched.

I have to admit too that seeing these two grow from book one to now has been an spectacular build. Their personalities are still very much adamant on their relationship. Tate is still that lovable, easy-going partner with that sassy tease that Logan cannot get enough of while Logan is that witty, delicious personality that as a reader, you pine for the moments he opens his mouth. Though I have to admit, Logan has definitely grown the most in the last three novels, especially considering how he was in TRY. Admittedly he is still the overly confident, arrogant man we have all come to love, he has this softer, more grounded personality. I honestly think a lot of this is because of Tate. I think they really brought the best of one another to the surface.

Honestly I cannot say how much I enjoyed the closure for Tate and Logan. I have grown with them. I cried, laughed, swooned, screamed, hell cried some more until I was head over heels in love with this couple. It wasn’t an overly extravagant ending, it was obviously the needed happy ending but it was realistically beautifully. There was an undeniable powerful romance, one that was emotional and stunningly compelling. Their love was just one that stole every beat of your own until your heart was pounding.

Just perfection.

Needless to say I cannot stop devouring everything Ella Frank has to offer me in the fictional world. I legitimately devoured this series. I cannot recommend it enough. Whether you are new to the MM Romance world, or looking for just general recommendations, I personally could not get enough of Tate and Logan. I loved their story wholeheartedly. Every earth-shattering, heartbreaking, breathtakingly swoon worthy moment – I inhaled it.

Now to see where Robbie will lead me because whew, comrades I am dying to see what is up this author’s sleeve when Priest and Julian are added in that mix.

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