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Review: Office Mate by Katie Ashley

Today we are celebrating the release of OFFICE MATE by Katie Ashley. This is a standalone, contemporary romance title. Check out the blurb and buy links below!


From the first time I played army as a kid, the military has been my life. As an Airborne Major, I’d led my men through two tours in Afghanistan. But when my father was elected president, I became an even greater target for the enemy—a prize for someone to take out. To ensure not only the safety of myself, but of my men, I got stripped of my cammies, shoved into an Armani suit, and placed into a management position at my father’s company. After years of trekking through the desert with an assault rifle, I was way out of my area of expertise, which my transition coordinator was more than happy to let me know on a daily, if not hourly basis. The brunette bombshell would be the death of me in more ways than one, especially since I hadn’t been with a woman since my last deployment. She’s turning out to be one of the greatest foes I’ve ever done battle with.


In the backwoods Georgia town I was born in, you either married right out of high school or got the hell out of town. I chose the second and never looked back. After graduating top in my class, I started working for The Callahan Corporation. Fast forward five years and I was about to become the youngest female manager in the history of my department. And then all the blood, sweat, and tears I’d put into my career were for nothing when the boss’s billionaire son was handed my position on a silver platter. Not only that, I was expected to help transition him into the job that was supposed to be mine. Sure, he’s easy on the eyes with his chiseled good-looks and impossibly built physique, but I’m not going to let that distract me. I hope soldier boy is good at military strategy because sabotage is the name of the game I’ll be playing.


New Adult | Romance | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour hosted by InkSlingerPR in exchange for an honest review***

Gosh do I love a good office, tension filled romance trope. Yeah – I admit it. I love a good authority figure romance to heat up the pages. Katie Ashley gave me a little spice of the good stuff. Seriously, pickle my tickle do I love a little scandalous desk action to heat up my thighs.

Firstly, let me admit that I rather enjoyed the characters. Thorn was especially an interesting character. He was compassionate, understanding, sweet and honestly he was a charmer. I especially loved his past story, the military was a really amazing additive to the build of his characters dynamic. Even his over the top embellished asshole act kind of came off annoying at times, I cannot resist an authority figure with a cocky complex. Then we have Isabel. For the most part I really enjoyed her character. She was a strong female lead – driven, career oriented, one that I find empowering. I love a fictional woman who is work driven. One that doesn’t back down to become inferior when they are overlooked or overshadowed by a male character – that was Isabel.  

And Isabel and Thorn together – well hot damn! I don’t know if I should be holding my stomach from laughing so hard or questioning my sanity for being so turned on… At times though I have to admit the sabotage and games between Isabel and Thorn seemed immature, rather pedestrian if I am being honest. For me personally, being someone in the corporate world I see things like this all the time and it is rather disgusting. To me, in terms of the character it just puts in perspective that Isabel did not deserve a promotion, regardless of being skipped over for what was ‘rightfully’ hers, the childish actions speak for themselves. Obviously this is fiction so putting that slight irkness aside, I did find the sabotage hilarious for the most parts. Yeah, that is a slight contradiction, but again this is fiction so separating my realife opinion from the plot of Office Mate I will admit the workplace shenanigans between coworkers was still entertaining.

I say this because it did help a certain level of tension between Isabel and Thorn, plus once they finally admitted having some type of attraction to one another it helped the inevitability that they became friends.

Isabel and Thorn together was fiercely intense. They had a really heated chemistry that I was beyond excited to finally get a glimpse of – I mean HOT HOT HOT. That kiss. Whew. Then to the point they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another? Yeah that is what I love about office romances. I will admit though I would have liked a few more steam-filled encounters in their office, but if I am being honest for what it is worth, what I got was definitely scrumptious.

Overall I enjoyed this. Putting my personal pet peeves aside this was a great, fast paced romance read that was both entertainingly delicious and adorably sweet. The tension between Thorn and Isabel was consuming. Between the office shenanigans, Thorn being a complete purposeful asshole towards Isabel, it was a sweet, sexy even. Even putting my slight dislikes aside, which did not deter my overall enjoyment of the read, this was a good slow burn, good build with feels kind of romance.

All in all, I plan on adding more of Katie Ashley to my TBR in the near future. She has a great writing style in terms of this dynamic and I would like to see what her other character dynamics she created!



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About the Author


Katie Ashley is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of both Indie and Traditionally published books. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, Olivia, and her spoiled mutt, Duke. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Scooby-Doo.

With a BA in English, a BS in Secondary English Education, and a Masters in Adolescent English Education, she spent eleven years teaching both middle and high school English, as well as a few adjunct college English classes. As of January 2013, she hung up her red pen and expo markers to become a full-time writer. Each and every day she counts her blessings to be able to do her dream job.

Although her roots are firmly planted in the red Georgia clay, she loves traveling the country and world to meet readers and hang out with fellow authors. When she’s not writing or chasing down her toddler, you might find her watching reruns of The Golden Girls, reading historical biographies, along with romance novels, or spending way too much time on Facebook.

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