Wrap Up

2018 June Wrap Up


Whew – comrades I can tell you right now that I read way too much to be considered a sane adult. I read thirty-three books and did about seven re-reads on top of that. That is INSANE. Some days I don’t know how I read this much, honestly I just go from one book to the next. 

I am going to admit a secret… it is a good one….

I read too much romance.

There I said it – the first step in an addiction is admitting the problem & crackers is it really hindering my TBR. Seriously, I keep reading romance after romance and then my sci-fi, fantasy and young adult section really suffers. Oh how I miss a good science fiction series. 

So what did I read? a lot… like a lottle. And surprisingly not all were good reads.

5 stars

4 stars

3 stars

2 stars


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