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Review: Reign | Skulls Renegade MC Series by Elizabeth Knox

REIGNAfter catching her fiancé with another woman while visiting his office, the young, fiery FBI agent Elena Johnson, is pissed that she wasted so much time being stifled by the man she had thought was her entire future.       
Now, she is back in action, using that anger and pain for her first new assignment in a while – going undercover with the Skulls Renegade MC to try to catch them in their illegal activities. Soon, she finds herself not only connecting to these outlaws who are not the evil monsters the government believes, but she also finds herself face to face with another MC leader, one she knows intimately from her tumultuous childhood and owes a debt of revenge to in the form of a violent end. 

As she finds herself caught in this new MC life that she finds more appealing than she expected and falling for a sexy motorcycle club Prez named Reed, she must still try and keep her identity as an FBI agent hidden, or everything could fall apart on both sides of her dangerous life.

2 Stars

Romance | Dark Romance | Suspense | Adult Fiction

***Received Review Copy through a blog tour hosted by Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

Normally I would gush over and over about a synopsis involving a woman uncover in a MC bar… just screams mischievous and foul play of the sexual tension kind. However Reign did not deliver on the expectations I had thought…

At the jump, Reign started off on a cryptically delicious start. Elena catching her husband cheating definitely was a moment of excitement, really thought it would set the bar for the rest of the novel. Elena is definitely fierce, she has a very independent personality that I could really get on board. Unfortunately from the moment Elena is thrown undercover into Reed’s world, everything really escalated quickly with very little substance.

Reed is quickly obsessed with Elena. They have an immediate sexual connection that is really bump and hump yummy goodness. Very insta-love, Reed also seemingly trusted Elena way too quickly in my personal opinion. Because of their connection, it really overshadowed the rest of the group, I had almost zero dynamic connections between what was actually going on with the MC bar verses the romance.  

Another issue I had because the romance was this all consuming, explosive chemistry, the flow of the plot really was hindered. Almost the entire time I was actually slightly confused as to what the true issue was – why Elena was even under cover? She was rather quick at enjoying the perks of being single and undercover. There were just plot holes I felt could have been explored a little more thoroughly without causing any detrimental issues to the romance of Reed and Elena. 

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite read in this sub-genre. It wasn’t horrible, it just did not allow me any room for investment on the characters. Mostly due to the plot and storyline feeling rushed, very little character development also forced me to disconnect from Reign. Here’s hoping Redemption delivers a little more of an appetizing romance and storyline build. 

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