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Review: Redemption | Skulls Renegade MC Series by Elizabeth Knox

REDEMPTIONDaisy is a tough as nails member of Skulls Renegade MC, and she prides herself on pushing past her demons. But she just watched one of her best friends get proposed to, and she can’t help but feel something softening inside of her. She has had a rough time of it, coming out of the worst break up possible with Kyle, the old Prez of Skulls Renegade MC, who left her high and dry when she had to pay the price for his screw up with a loan shark.

Now, he’s back, and he has gotten injured saving the MC from an attack by a Mexican cartel, and it’s hard not to see him as someone she cares for again.

The problem is, she’s been sneaking around with another prominent member of the MC completely undetected and was almost ready to spill the beans. Daisy finds herself locked in the strangest love triangle she can imagine, needing Kyle’s presence to heal from what she has done but wanting to keep the other man in her life tearing up her bedroom late at night.

Romance | Dark Romance | Suspense | Adult Fiction

***Received Review Copy through a blog tour hosted by Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

Let me just take a moment to admit that I enjoyed Redemption a lot more than I did Reign. There I said. I admitted it.

I think I was more excited about this one because I really liked Daisy in book one, I thought she was adorably charming and couldn’t wait to read her love story. Redemption very much follows Daisy and Seamus, or Ollie.

Ollie and Daisy right at the jump had a really powerful, intense chemistry. One that intrigued me. The protectiveness that Ollie felt for with Daisy was dreamy; he made me adore his character’s personality so much. I think this is also why I liked Daisy so much. She was just this sweet, charming character who was kind of the crews’ mediator. The glue to all the couples. Plus she was such a kickass and impressive female lead that I just cannot stop gushing about her. I just enjoyed her personality a lot, and her and Ollie together was just explosive.

The secondary characters plus the plot twists were also more apparent in Redemption. There was still a little disconnection with me and the plot, I don’t know if I am just missing something, but there was a moment of rush-ness periodically that did create somewhat of a disengaged feel in terms of the plot.

Bottom line I am happy I continued the series and I am really excited to read on to Revenge. There are still points that I had slight issues with, but nonetheless this held better characterization, the development wasn’t as holey as previous. More over I was very much able to connection emotionally with the characters, Daisy and Ollie just stole my heart.

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