Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Falling for Mr. Slater by Kendall Day

FALLING FOR MR SLATERHe was the worst teacher I ever had. I was the worst student he ever taught.


I can’t believe I’m standing on the steps of Bracken Middle School again.

Ten years ago, this place was my worst nightmare, no thanks to Jack “McSlutbag” Slater, the teacher who blocked my shot at a full basketball scholarship. But time heals many wounds, and I’m only a few months away from earning my undergrad in education, despite the hell Slater once put me through.

Now I’m the teacher. I’ll help kids rather than destroy them. If I can just get through this semester without too many fouls, I’ll be fine.

But it’s not fine. Because when I go to meet my new supervisor, McSlutbag’s sitting behind the desk, looking like a gorgeous, vengeful god ready to mete out punishment for slights—some real, most perceived—committed by the hellion I used to be.

Worse? The cold hatred I once felt for him has turned hot enough to set my drawers on fire. 

I want him. In a bad way.

So long, dream internship. Hello, sexy nemesis.

McSlutbag’s about to meet his match. Again.

New Adult | Contemporary | Romance

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during an Instagram Tour with Inkstagram Tours in exchange for an honest review***

I do love a good forbidden smutty read as much as the next person, especially when it involves any type of authority, teacher setting. Falling for Mr. Slater really intrigued me with just the synopsis, leaving me tickled with curiosity. I mean think about it – ever had a crush on a teacher and then grown up you return to that spot and run into them? I mean… come on! That is one hell of a trope I love to indulge in.

Jack Slater was a great deal of things. He irked me like no ones business but I couldn’t help but also enjoy his character a good chunk. Let me start by saying I loved his cocky, womanizer attitude. I found it incredibly sexy – though I am a glutton for a delicious asshole syndrome in any man. Unfortunately though this is also where I hold a great deal of distaste for his character. Sometimes his womanizer, bragging about his conquests became rather disgusting. I mean… really – screwfest weekend? All I could think about it this one guy friend of mine who called his weekend hookups ‘Bang-cation‘ – total tool. I get that he was a manwhore and I liked the quirky romantic comedy for that situation, but in a lot of ways he was a colossal douche, and more importantly he was crude in a way that I did not always find him funny. And the way he talked about Roxie, her body – again I can get on board with the plot of their relationship, where the author is taking this but again his comments were degrading. Secondly the way he treated some of the students, thought he was better than everyone also irked me.

Speaking of Roxie, I liked her, I did. On some levels I appreciated her character because she was this ‘bad girl’ type personality growing up yet she still reflects on her past life. She cleaned up her act and decided she needed to be better than what she was as a child – I really connected with her on that spectrum. It was something she said at one point when confronting Slater, above all with how he treated kids in the present as well as in the past; if the teachers had no faith in her, why try to change it? That actually spoke volumes towards me, I held such a huge sympathetic viewpoint for Roxie.

What really made me like the book more after having so much dislikes towards Slater what the actual chemistry and growth of their dynamics. That basketball scene – can we say tension foreplay at it’s finest? The author really does empahtize their attraction towards one another but still keeping them at a distance to help aid on the pending connection; and let me tell you comrades when they did connect – whew, fireworks. The banter, the arguing came to a head in an earth shattering sexual connection. 

As far as the drama that too left a iffy scenario for my tastes. I liked the build towards the impending drama – superior individual falls for their student, it was bound to hit some point of escalation. And honestly, Kendall really capitalized on how that dynamic affected their end game for the relationship, I really enjoyed the angle. It was both of them as a unit, as a team. The part I felt a little lacking was the climatic point of dun dun, some of the shenanigans that Slater and Roxie held on to that still dictated their opinions on the other finally came to light. It just seemed rushed at a point…

I will admit a couple of things too, because even though I enjoyed a lot about Falling for Mr. Slater, there were some definite pet peeves that ultimately kept me on the fence. But nonetheless that did not deter my overall enjoyment for this novel. I liked it. It was easy, fast paced read that was entertaining enough, leaving me chuckling and swooning constantly. I am definitely looking forward to adding more of Kendall Day to my TBR.

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