Wrap Up

2018 May Wrap Up

2018 MAY Wrap Up

Whoo – always better late than never I always say! Considering I am a day short and a week late (or rather two weeks…) on posting my May Wrap Up! Because comrades, adulting blows hairy monkey balls. 

Not a pretty sight…

So lets jump on in since times a wastin’ and there are more books to be read! And let me just tell you, June reading month is on fire. But for May I read another THIRTY FLIPPING BOOKS. I am starting to rethink my life choices here because this is obviously the number I am hitting every month. Go figure.

I will definitely say a lot of books were tour blogs, which always helps but I definitely overflowed my month, so we will not be doing that again! So what all did I read? I can tell you majority, if not all was romance. I really need to start branching out again… but I cannot help it! Romance is my jam comrades.

5 stars


4 stars


3 stars


May Label Playlist

MAY 2018 Playlist

Well there you have it – my romance porn in a nut shell and by-golly did I read a lot of romance porn. Again I need to fill my TBR with more Young Adult, hell I miss a good Science Fiction and that Fantasy is definitely calling my name. 

So I guess… we shall see you in June! Happy reading comrades. 

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