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Review: The Faceless Woman | Otherworld Series by Emma Hamm

FACELESS WOMANOnce upon a time… 

A town will only suffer the presence of a witch for as long as she is useful. Aisling watches the flames lick her thighs and prays for a quick death. But when an Unseelie prince appears through the smoke, she does what any self respecting witch would do. 

She curses him. 

Bran should never have traveled to the human realm, and is shocked when a witch binds them together. His life is hers and he refuses to die. He saves her from the fires, casts a hex on the townsfolk for good measure, then whisks her away to safety. His only stipulation? She has to remove the binding curse. 

Unfortunately for them both, she can’t. Witch and Unseelie must travel across the Otherworld to break the ties that bind them. Secrets and lies stand between them, but both will stop at nothing to save themselves.

5 stars

Retellings | Fantasy | Romance | Mythology

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy by the author in exchange for an honest review – thank you Emma***

Holy nuggets comrades – this cover. This synopsis. Nothing I can say in any amount of words can convey how much everything consumed me with The Faceless Woman. If the prologue didn’t captivate you like it did me, then I am going to start questioning your sanity and mental comprehension.

Returning to the world I love, we are faced the with deliciously naughty Bran, the Unseelie Prince from Heart of Fae and Veins of Magic. During a wondering moment, Bran is witnessing a witch hunter burning a witch, Aisling. Refusing to help, Bran continues to watch in the shadows until Aisling does the only thing she can to save her own life – Aisling curses our young prince, binding spell; if she dies, he dies. 

Oh Aisling. What can I say about our elusive heroine? Well I can admit that going into this I kept imagining Odette when I first dived into this installment, but damn was I completely off base. Aisling was not what I was expecting in the least bit. She wasn’t this ‘Oh woe is me‘ type damsel, no she was definitely ballsy. Aisling has this fierce attitude that just makes her so empowering while still holding some innocence and vulnerability. She is an amazing blend of kindhearted appeal with such a powerful personality that screams to be seen, to be heard. Plus her feisty personality mixed with Bran’s cocky attitude was just perfection. And speaking of the scrumptious Bran, comrades I have waited a long while to finally get the the Unseelie Prince and he did not disappoint. I cannot gush enough about his character. Bran was childish, yet cunningly intelligent. Mixture of mischievous and intrusive exterior personality, he had this untouchable kindness to him, especially as the connection between him and Aisling grew.

Bran and Aisling together was phenomenal, it was perfection – this is the best I can describe them. Although they have their secrets, their mission is very similar, utilizing one another to gain what they wish for most – freedom. Not only did their witty banter and stubbornness aid in their chemistry, but they really challenged each others motives. Their entire interactions was either this push and pull of flirting or bickering. What I enjoyed most was as the journey continued their connection really evolved from this battling friendship into a world where they were consumed by one another. 

Aside from the romance that honestly I am #TeamBran all the way, the backbone of The Faceless Woman is truly an intriguing experience. Each book up to now has given glimpses into different worlds of the Otherworld. Getting a taste of the humans vs. the Fae, down to the beginning where we dived into the beauty of the Seelie Court. Now however we are swimming in the Unseelie Realm, which is an entire new side of this unforgiving world. Unseelie is the world of the dark magic – misfits, dissentients, suffering – our nightmarish demons. The courts of abominable creatures that come into contact with the plot is intriguing to say the least. Amongst the disfigured cannibals and fallen Gods, we get new introductions to other folklore – the Sluage. Oh man my fingers are tingling of the possibilities. 

And that ending… guys I still have chills down my spine. It was a satisfyingly intense cliffhanger; that is all I am saying. 

And I have to just say it, but Emma Hamm slays me. She is such a phenomenal writer that she has me beguiled, enchanted and ever more made me completely in love to where my speckled heart is bursting. She takes such unique avenues of these mythology backbone stories and really enriches everything she creates in her own unique plot without taking away the basis of the legend of mythology she portrays. I honestly cannot get enough of this world.

The Faceless Woman is definitely my favorite in the Otherworlds Series at this point. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED the first, but something about Aisling and Bran just overpowered everything about this world Emma has created. I honestly cannot wait to see what comes in the future with this duo; let the stalking commence comrades.

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