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Review: Forever with Me | Forever Duet by Trilina Pucci

FOREVER WITH METhe thrilling conclusion of Come Back to Me, by Trilina Pucci, culminates in a fast-paced race to the truth. 

Picking up where the first book left off, Cole’s fate hangs in the balance, while Mia summons all the strength she has to be the woman he needs and the wife he deserves. 

As they fight for their love to survive turmoil, Cole and Mia battle for the life they desperately crave. All the while, outside forces continue to tear at their future. 

Nothing is what it seems and the only truth is sometimes obsession becomes deadly. 

Will they finally get to drown in their love or will they be torn apart and ripped away from their happily ever after?

New Adult | Romance | Contemporary | Suspense

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review by the author – thank you Trilina***

Well tickle my pickle that was a whirlwind. Between the growing questions of what the hell is going on to holy moly please let Cole be the good guy! Seriously… I went into this with the predictability of knowing what could be happening, but not fully understanding what was actually going to be the ending result of this cluster overload plot. I was ready! GIMMIE ANSWERS

First things first we jump in right where Come Back to Me left off. Obviously the main perspective is Mia, however here and there we got tidbits of the secondary characters, especially considering that cliffhanger from book one. Mia and Cole seem to be falling back into their lifestyles, really reconnecting their romance. There chemistry is fierce. Cole is definitely the hero of the show, he allows Mia to lean on him, he is the entire strength of everything. 

Though I loved this aspect about Cole, it still irked me that Mia was slightly inferior as a female lead. Her character lacked a growth that I was hoping to see more of, but was not entirely pleased with how she evolved. I have to admit though I think this was done on purpose because Cole was such an alpha-male possessive presence towards Mia. Sometimes almost too overprotecting, and at times was kind of annoying attribute, but served a purpose that Mia was the damsel in distress. 

As the plot thickens, the web of secrets really starts to devolve the underlining horror that is Mia’s world. Honestly no one is safe. This is definitely what I enjoyed most about this duet – it was twisted and delicious. Regardless of the fact that I kind of could guess what was actually happening, I definitely was not prepared for what or rather who was all involved in Mia’s nightmare.

Overall, there were things I loved, and things I disliked however nothing that gave me my own pet peeves the cringes did that deter from my enjoyment of this duet. I said it before and I say it again, this being Trilina’s debut novel it was gut wrenching plot and swoon worthy all in the same bundle. Even in the most interesting twists I was left with goosebumps running down my arms. I honestly cannot wait to see what is next…

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